Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Six Months

AveryAnn, you are six months old today.  It literally feels like last month I was sitting in that hospital room holding a (not so tiny) newborn, yet here we are half a year later.  You're developing quite the personality and love to laugh and giggle. 
  • You weigh 14lbs 9 oz.   This means you haven't gained any weight since your 4 month check up and that isn't typical.  Dr. Farr wants us to see Lactation so they can weigh you before and after a feeding to make sure you're eating enough.  We go back to see him in a couple of weeks to make sure we're back on track.
  • You measured 25"in length.
  • You're still wearing mostly 6 month clothes (obviously since you haven't grown any).
  • Size 3 diapers, you go through 5-8 each day.
These pictures are hilarious to me.
  • You sleep 12 hours at night.  Most nights I rock you for a minute and then lay you in your crib and you go straight to sleep. 
  • You usually take two good naps and one cat nap each day.  You sleep around 2 hours in the morning and 1.5 in the afternoon and then a little cat nap before dinner.
  • You are the best sleeper.
  • You're sitting up for a few seconds at a time.  I think by 7 months you'll be sitting up all the time.
    • You spent you first night away this month.  You stayed with Grandmama and Grandaddy and did great!

  • You're still exclusively breastfed.  We might be changing this up depending on what happens at lactation.
  • You've tried cereal but weren't a huge fan.  We haven't pushed it.  Plus Dr. Farr said he would rather your calories come from breastmilk right now.
  • You nurse every 4 hours for 15-20 minutes.
  • You take 5-6 ounces when you take a bottle.
  • You're still a thumb sucker.
  • You like having your bunny too.
  • You're talking and laughing all the time.
  • Your hair is still wild and dark.
  • Eyes are still blue.
We love you so much!  You are the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest baby.  You love to be held and snuggle but you are also content to play on the floor.  You are a joy to be around.  We all take turns making you laugh.  Happy half birthday!  I hope time slows down a bit for these next six months.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Day of 3K

Tuesday, Barrett started 3K at a new school.  He was excited and a little nervous.  I knew he would be ok once he got there and saw his friends but all the way there he kept saying "don't drop me off Mommy."  It broke my heart.  Also this is the first time he's going all day. 
All smiles before we left the house. 

Love that sweet cheese face.

Luckily, We saw Cruz just as we walked in and then Jackson so he had his buddies.  He walked right in his classroom and I took off so that he would hopefully be ok. 
I should have finished this post Tuesday because it has been down hill from there...
When I picked him up they said he had a hard time falling asleep for naptime but he did eventually fall asleep and did good.  Well, Cruz told his mommy that Barrett cried and cried at naptime.  I had forgotten to tell them that his bear was in his backpack and he was upset because he didn't have it.  He seemed like he enjoyed his day.  Wednesday morning he tells me he doesn't want to go to school.  All the way there he tells be not to drop him off.  We see Jessica and Jackson in the parking lot and walk in together and he seems fine until we get to his classroom and they have to peel him off of me. 
I pick him up and they said he did better at naptime and had a good day.  He is so happy when I pick him up but he's already telling me he doesn't want to go back.  Last night he would not go to sleep because he was so worried about going to school.  He finally went to sleep around 11:00 and he got up and got dressed but cried the whole morning.  We run into Jessica and Jackson in the parking lot again and walk in together.  Jackson gets right in line with his class and Barrett loses it.  Since Jackson is fine and gets right in line, Jessica takes the baby back to my car while I drag Barrett to his classroom.  The teacher once again peels him off of me as he's screaming.  I quickly walked away.  Today, I too am bawling.  It was awful.  I could hear him screaming down the hall "don't leave me!"  Several of the sweet teachers and friends stopped to hug me and tell me he's just fine.  It's all normal and he does great once he calms down.  But it still kills me to leave him so upset.  They said it usually takes kids 2 or 3 weeks before its better.  That's 6 more drop offs.  I'm not looking forward to it but I'm trying to keep my anxieties in check so he doesn't feed off me.  I want to encourage him to go out and not be afraid.   I want him to love school and be okay when I leave him where I know he's safe and he's going to have fun.  It's preschool, not prison. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Last Day of Mother's Day Out

Yesterday was Barrett's last day of Mother's Day Out and I was more sad than I was the very first time I dropped him off.  We love all the sweet teachers there so much!  Barrett has made some sweet friends and I couldn't be more thankful for everything he learned.  He was 20 months old when he started and he didn't say anything.  He might have said "Hey" but that was it.  His vocabulary is amazing now.  He talks all the time.  I've been so encouraged by his teachers.  They have always been so kind and helpful.  When we started potty training (post coming) they were so ready and willing to help us succeed.  I just can't say enough great things about them. 
His first day just two short years ago.  I miss that sweet chubby face so much.
Imagine this sign says "Last Day MDO, 8/10/16"

That bed head is something else.  Also he gets suckers for pooping in the potty.  We don't usually do candy for breakfast.
Last years first day, he was sick and missed but we still had to take his picture.

His first day. I should probably note that this was actually the second week because he was sick the first week.
He's headed to a new school next week for 3K.  He'll be going 3 full days each week.  I'm excited and sad all at the same time.  It's so true, "the days are long but the years are short."  I feel like I blinked and two years passed.

Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Months

Five months old.  We're just cruising right along, the months just flying by.  I know the last half of the year will fly by and you'll be a year old before we know it.  I remember feeling the same guilt around this time with Barrett, that I didn't hold you enough and I regretted that I blinked and you are no longer a newborn.  This time around I've had the added guilt of trying to split my time between you and your brother.  I've said all along that splitting my time is the hardest thing about having two kids (well, that and getting everyone in and out of the car.)  Luckily you just go with the flow and don't seem to mind.  You get lots of cuddles too.  I've started letting myself just relax when we get home from work and I just hold you.  You usually take a nap but sometimes you don't.  I love that time of day.  You are the sweetest baby.  I know I say that every month but you really are.  You love your brother so much, you smile and laugh at him and your dad all the time.  You are definitely a Mama's girl and I'm perfectly okay with that!
  • You weighed 14.8llbs on the shipping scale at work.  You've haven't grown much this month and now I'm worried that all the clothes I've bought for Fall and Winter are going to be to big.
  • You are 26" long counting your hair.  This is not entirely accurate but it was the best I could get. 
  • You're still wearing size 6 months sleepers and 6 month dressy outfits.  We still wear the occasional 3-6 outfit (usually two pieces) and even a few 9m.
  • Size 3 diapers and you go through 5-6 per day. 
  • You sleep 12 hours at night in your crib!  It is amazing.  I was looking at Barrett's baby book and I don't think he did this until 7 or 8 months.  You are a champion sleeper.
  • You usually take a 1.5 hour nap in the morning and again in the afternoon and then another little cap nap before dinner. You usually just put yourself to sleep where ever you are.
  • You've been a little fussier at night when I try to put you down but most of the time we are able to just lay you in your crib and you go to sleep.
  • In the morning when you wake up you make the sweetest sounds and you're always so happy to see me.
  • You are still only taking breast milk.
  • We'll start food next month probably unless we think you're ready sooner.  Right now you don't seem interested.
  • You nurse every 4 hours for 15-20 minutes.  You take 5-6 ounces when you take a bottle.
  • You're rolling back to front.  You started that the day after you turned four months.
  • You like sitting up in your bumbo seat. 
  • You still very much suck your thumb and like your bunny.
  • You are squealing and talking more and more.  You love interacting with us.
  • Your smile is the best.  You will smile with your whole body sometimes.
  • You also are starting to really belly laugh. You've only done it a few times but it is the best.
  • We celebrated your first 4th of July and you loved the fireworks. 
  • Your hair is still dark and as you can see wild. 
  • Your eyes are still blue.
You have been such a joy to all of us.  Its so hard not to smile when you're around.  I find myself wanting to freeze time and daydreaming about the future all at the same time. You are just so sweet and happy.  We love you so much!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Life Lately

We've been relaxing and trying to stay cool around here lately.  It's usually this point in the summer that I start to be over it.  Everyone is kind of gearing up for back to school and it's so stinking hot.
I haven't been great at taking pictures lately, I haven't even gotten my big camera out of the bag in months.  I feel a little guilty that AveryAnn will pretty much only have cell phone pictures of her first few months. 
I have been able to catch some really sweet moments like this one though.  Barrett almost always gets in the floor and lays with AveryAnn while she's on a pallet. She adores him and I think the feeling is mutal.
He doesn't take naps often.  The timing just doesn't work most days.  I'm hoping this gets better when he goes to school in the fall.  Every now and then he'll fall asleep on the couch and this day was one of those times.  He didn't even finish his snack.
He has been so trying lately.  So all I really wanted was to go to WalMart alone but he cried so hard wanting to go with me, I had to let him tag along.  Then I feel bad because I know all he really wants is one on one time but it's so hard.  Then I feel bad because I feel like I blinked and AveryAnn is almost 5 months old and I feel like I'm missing her being a baby.
She's not a fan of tummy time. 
She is a fan of sucking her thumb.  Which I think is adorable (for now)
I finally got around to making her hospital door hanger into a bow holder.  Now we need more bows.
Cuddling again.
I can't get enough of those rolls.  She is just the happiest, smily-est, easiest baby.
This was after church yesterday.  She looked so sweet in this dress.  I was holding her and I couldn't help but think that she looked just like the daughter I always imagined myself having.  It was a little surreal.  She doesn't wear a ton of dresses because I just love bubbles so much so it was sweet to see her in this beautiful dress.  I tried to get a few pictures of her with my real camera but I wasn't successful.  So a phone picture will have to do.
That's just a little of what's been going on around here. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Independence Day

I love the fourth of July.  I love Summer time holidays. I love grilled burgers, watermelon and American flags.  I love spending the day by the water and watching the fireworks light up the night sky.  I love it all!
We snuck out of the office a little early Friday afternoon and went to the zoo.  We saw the monkeys and elephants before we called it a hot day and headed home.  Barrett wouldn't let AveryAnn ride in the stroller and she was too hot in the carrier so we threw in the towel and headed home.  (Thankful for a zoo membership so we can go, spend and hour and not feel guilty.  It's already paid for itself several times over and we're only half way through the year.)
I bought a used bumbo for AveryAnn and she's a fan for short periods of time. 
Saturday brought another coordinating outfit before heading to the Moore's house for a day by the pool!  We're going to be so sad when they move and don't have a pool anymore.  But we're excited they're moving closer to us!
Jeremy made the boys so me frozen strawberry lemonade, they pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever.
This girl will sleep anywhere.  She was so good all day long.  She's just the best baby ever.
Sunday we put on another matching red, white and blue outfit and headed to the lake for the day.  Barrett  had a blast swimming and throwing rocks.  It was a fun day.  We headed back home in time to go to the fireworks at the high school.  This is the first year they've done this and it was so much fun!

This is a terrible picture but you get the idea!

This girl loved the fireworks, Barrett did not.

He was all smiles until they started.

His first shoulder ride.  We were walking by their high school and it made me all emotional.  I know the years will fly by and it'll be no time until we're making that same trek on Friday nights for football games!

We had no plans for Monday and it worked out perfectly.  We were able to get some things done and take naps and just relax.  The boys went to Patrick's parents house for the afternoon to visit.  AveryAnn and I stayed home and did laundry.

I had to get a picture of my little firecracker on her first fourth of July.  We love a good long weekend but Tuesday, man Tuesday was a doozie.  I've never been happier to see Patrick walk in the door from work. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 Year Check up

Last Monday we had Barrett's 3 year check up.  Only 6 months late.  Barrett's half birthday was this past Saturday so I thought I would go ahead and get his 3 year update posted, you know, only six months after his third birthday.  I'm thinking his half birthday is going to become his birthday for celebration purposes over the next year. 
This has been a big year.  We've had so much fun.  Your vocabulary has quadrupled.  You know your numbers, colors and animals.  We're still working on letter recognition but I'm sure you'll have it in no time. 
At the doctor you weighed 36lbs and were 36.5" tall.  You're finally potty training.  It hasn't been as bad as I anticipated.  You've had very few accidents but I'm so proud of you.  I'm adding a few pictures of the year.  Some days I'm sad you're growing so fast but it's fun watching you learn new things.  Plus you're still so cuddly and I love that you'll crawl up in my lap and watch a movie with me.
You started sleeping in a big boy bed about a month before you turned 3.  You've done so good so far.  You still need one of us to lay with you to fall asleep but we're slowly working on this.

You got a goldfish as a favor at a birthday party.  (well you actually got 3 but we're down to 1).  You were so excited!

Daddy leased some land to hunt this year and you love going to the property with him.

We went to Alabama's homecoming game and had the best time.  I loved getting to do that with you.  Hopefully it'll be something we get to do every year!

Your first trip to the emergency room.  You busted your chin and we were afraid it needed to be stitched up but it didn't.

Your last night as a two year old.

Your birthday playdate with Jackson and Santa.

You became a big brother!  You were unsure of the arrangement at first but you have warmed up and it is so special watching you love your sister.  I hope yall are always best friends.

Oh these boots.  You're love for these boots has rivaled the love for your bear.  You wore them everyday for about 8 months.  You still wear them occasionally but it's really hot these days so you've moved on to your sandals.

You're a little dramatic and still throw fits.  It's usually because you don't get enough sleep or you're hungry but it still happens.

We got a kitten.  You sit and play with Meow every afternoon.  It's really sweet.

Oh the bunny mask!

You love popsicles and having fun!

I took this picture for AveryAnn's 4 month update post.  You almost always want to get in on her monthly pictures. You're so sweet.  You are so proud of her. Anytime we're out you make sure everyone sees her and they don't miss her.  One of my favorite times this happened was at church.  I went up for communion, you were walking up for a blessing and I had AveryAnn in my arms, Deacon Tim gave you a blessing and as soon as you said Amen you pointed to my arms and said "don't forget sister". My eyes filled with tears, it was the sweetest moment.  Even Deacon Tim was taken back by how sweet it was.  I hope you always look out for her in this scary world. 
I'm so proud of you!  We are looking forward to seeing you continue grow and learn even though it's sometimes bittersweet! We love you so much!