Thursday, June 7, 2018

Birmingham Barons

We were so excited to check this off our Summer Bucket List we hit it up the very first chance we got.  A few years ago Birmingham built a new field/park for our local minor league team.  (Fun fact:  Michael Jordan once played for the Birmingham Barons during his baseball career.)  It is so nice and just a fun family outing.  They have very affordable "general admission" tickets and you can take a blanket and sit on the hillside just past the outfield.  The kids love running around and waiting on the homerun balls to come over the fence.  We found out Peppa Pig and George were going to be there for pictures.  AveryAnn loves Peppa Pig so Jessica and I headed over with the kids to see them.  (Patrick and Jeremy stayed back to save our rocking chairs.)  We got over there and the line was already pretty long and they informed us that Peppa and George would be taking a 30 minute break, every 30 minutes.  SO we waited the first round and it was clear we weren't going to get to the front before the next break so we decided to see them from afar and skip having our picture made.
This was as close as we got to them.  I felt bad because AveryAnn was really excited.  (Barrett had already asked to go back and sit with the dads, he was so afraid he was going to miss the game.)
She wouldn't leave my side for most of the game.  I promise she was having fun even though she doesn't look like it.

The first pitch nearly came over the fence right in front of us.  Barrett was so excited to take his glove.  He really thought he might have to play.  He was down and ready.  It was so cute.

Looking all cool in his sunglasses.  Also looking entirely too grown up.

When her dad got up she thought his rocking chair was for her.

Just taking it all in.  This picture just screams summer time to me.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of our food.  We had some of the best food I've eaten at a ballpark.  Patrick had brisket nachos out of a helmet.  

Love these sweet babies.  I hate going to a sporting event and not wearing team colors.  Even if I'm not attached to the team, I feel like I need to wear the team colors.  That's why we're all wearing red, white and black.

Wearing the helmet Patrick's nachos came in.  (He washed it out first)

Sweet buddies.

We never get pictures of just us so we made that happen!  We had the best night!  Looking forward to more family fun nights this summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 3

It's not been a great week.  I seriously can't get my crap together.  I have been in the gym 3 times this week plus Saturday morning Brittany and I walked some hills.  I just can't get it together.  I should probably not even bother with this post.  I haven't weighed. I don't want to weigh.  I'm sure I haven't lost any weight.  I've done somewhat better about tracking until about 3:00, then it's like I lose all control and we're just trying to survive until bedtime.  I need to focus on just making better choices.  Not just eating because I'm bored or because it's there.  I also try to not keep junk in the house because the truth is none of us need it.  My kids don't need it nor to Patrick and I.  We've been grilling a lot more.  I feel like we're eating pretty healthy overall, its the snacking and sweets that are killing me.  I will do better this week. I have to.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Bucket List

Last year we had so much fun marking things off our Summer Bucket List that I thought it would be fun to make one for this year too.  As I've mentioned once or 50 times, Barrett is going to kindergarten in the Fall and I want to soak up as much fun as we possibly can this summer.
So, we made our list and we're making plans to start checking things off.

We went bowling last year for Steven's birthday and had so much fun.  We can't wait to do it again.  Plus it'll be nice indoor fun when it gets really hot around here.
Lake weekend
I want to go to the lake with at least my little family of four and spend the weekend.  There is nothing like waking up at the lake.  It's my favorite.  I don't think AveryAnn has ever spent the night.  This was on our list last summer and it was one of the few things we didn't get checked off so I'm determined to make it happen this year.
Splash Pad
We have a great local splash pad that we hit up often during the summer so this one shouldn't be too hard to check off.
Movie: __in the park  __Alabama Theatre __Incredibles 2
There is something about sitting in a park watching a movie outside that I just love.  There are several opportunities to do this all over town so hopefully we can make at least one.  The Alabama Theatre is just beautiful, in July they do a "throwback Thursday" kids series.  We can't wait for this years.  Finally, the Incredibles 2 is coming out this Summer and we're excited to see it.  Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
Beach Weekend
We're hoping to get to go stay with our friends for a long weekend this summer.  Barrett has already specifically asked to go to the beach at Tony and Carla's house.  
Barons Game
We loved going to the Barons game last year.  This year Barrett is very into watching baseball.  He and Patrick watch it on TV so I think he will love getting to watch it live.  This might be one that we do more than once too.
Zoo Day
We're going to put our zoo membership to good use this summer.  One thing that we've never done that I hope we get to see is the sea lion show.  We've never seen it and heard it's so good.  
Water Park
My plan is to go to either Alabama Splash Adventure or the Cullman Aquatic Center for a day.  I think my kids will love either.  
This one should be pretty easy.  
Girls Night- Beauty and the Beast (Moms Night Out)
We can't leave the moms out, my friends and I are planning to go see Beauty and the Beast at the Red Mountain Theater Company.  I love Beauty and the Beast and can't wait for a fun girls night.
Reading Program at the Library
We've already signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our local library.  We've been reading a lot already.  This is my favorite thing we've done in the past.  I remember doing it as a child and it's so much fun getting to take my own kids now.  AveryAnn is more into this year too which makes it that much better. 
Shrimp Boil
We're planning to have our 2nd Annual "Back to School" shrimp boil at the end of the summer.  We had so much fun last year and who doesn't love a shrimp boil.
Urban Air
Another one that will be great for when its too hot to breathe outside.
Sno Shack
I'm betting we hit the Sno Shack for sno cones more than a few times this summer.
Kickball Game
I want to do a big co-head kickball game with all our friends and kids.  I think the boys would think it was so much fun.  Plus I didn't get to play last Thanksgiving and I'm itching to get on the field.
Lets Play
Barrett and AveryAnn both love Lets Play.  I love that it wears them both out.
Ice Cream treat
I might try to this one on one with each of the kids to make it extra special.  Barrett loves quality time so getting to get a treat all by himself will thrill him.
Go on a Hike
We have a great hiking trail not far from us and I've never taken the kids but I think they would love it.  So I'm going to convince Patrick we need to do that one weekend.

There you have it.  Our 2018 Summer Bucket List.  I'm going to try my best document it all here but I've also added it in my highlights on Instagram so follow along there if you don't already.  MaggieMHorton 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Photo Dump

May was fun. Busy, but fun.  We got back from our trip late April 30th, so we hit the ground running May 1.  Barrett had baseball and I had practice for Ava's confirmation.
May 2 was Ava's confirmation.  I was honored to be her sponsor.  She is growing into the most beautiful young lady inside and out.  I can't believe she'll be in high school next year.  She's in the band and we can't wait to watch her march this Fall.

May 2 was also Ally's 10th birthday.  Bless her heart.  I had an actual party for her 1st birthday.  Like mailed invitations the whole thing.  This year she couldn't even get a haircut.  She is my shadow, always has to be touching me.  Barrett begs her to sleep with him every night and she will not.  She is terrorized daily by her brother and sister.  We love her so much!  Like everything else, I can't believe she's 10 years old.

 We've been trying to soak up all the time outside before it's too hot to breathe.  Which it seems is going to be sooner rather than later this summer.
She is so much fun right now.  She is talking so much and she and Barrett can really play together now.  They just adore each other.

May 5th, Barrett woke up screaming and crying about his ear hurting.  So we were at Urgent Care when they opened.  It is life changing when your kid can finally tell you when something hurts.  He had some fluid on one ear, she said it wasn't really infected yet but was probably headed that way.  So she sent us home with a steroid and antibiotic.  Thankfully he was feeling better quickly because we had plans that afternoon.

 My sister and her husband host a crawfish boil every year for the Kentucky Derby.  This year they invited us to come.  I'd never eaten crawfish but I'm up for new experiences.  I thought Barrett would think it was neat to see the crawfish alive and then eat them.  He was less enthused that I'd imagined.
We enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone.  AveryAnn ate her weight in corn on the cob.  It was a little spicy but she didn't care.
The best family picture we could get.  We were so excited to enjoy the food we missed the actual race.  
These two are very into books lately.  We try to read every night before bed but we'd been getting in so late from the ballpark we'd gotten out of the habit.  So we put on our matching jammies and got our read on. We've signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our library last week so we've been reading a lot.  I love it. 
Barrett is so into masks and costumes.  He wears a mask in the car on the way to school at least once a week.  This day it was Batman. 
Anna (in the middle), landed a really fun speaker for her last Chamber luncheon, so Brittany and I went to support her.  Heidi Elnora was the speaker.  She's a local girl who is known for her bridal gowns.  She does amazing work and getting to meet her was such a treat.  She is so real and down to earth.  I loved getting to chat with her and hearing her story.  I also loved getting to support Anna. (I seriously love my friends so much.)

 Took my Gekko out for donut Friday.
 Trying to take my job.  I seriously laughed so hard when I saw her little set up.
The kids stayed with my parents that night, Barrett wore the Gekko costume all day.  So naturally, my dad had to put on his Superman costume so they could walk my sister's dog.
We got to have a date night.
First and last day of 4K
(pretty sure I've already posted those last two pictures here but just pretend this is the first you're seeing them.)

I probably shouldn't post this but they've been getting ready to do some work around the office and they'd put these flags out and the next thing I knew AveryAnn is parading up and down the driveway waving them around.  Hopefully, it doesn't mess up anyones work.

May 19th was the Royal Wedding.  My sister and I planned to watch it together.  Then I invited some friends to come too.  Only a couple could come but we had the best time.  I recorded everything and we had a little brunch.  Everyone got there around 9:00 and we drank mimosas and watched all the coverage.  I got out my wedding china.  I love it so much.  I should use it more often. 
I was so excited!  I'd recorded 3 different networks coverage and they were all great.  We fast forwarded through some things but it was all just beautiful.   
 We wore our pjs and just had the best girly day.

My sister made Lemon and Elderflower cupcakes as a replica of the wedding cake.

 While we were watching I couldn't help but notice how much AveryAnn favors Princess Charlotte.  I think they look so much alike.
We let him drink orange juice out of a champagne glass and he was hooked on the finer things in life.

 He insisted on drinking out of a champagne flute for days.
May 22, was my nephew Drew's high school graduation.  We had a party afterwards to celebrate.  I got to snuggle baby Brooks for a little while.

I had to get a picture of Drew and Barrett in their caps and gowns.  One's finishing up and the other is just getting started.  So sweet.  I know I'll bling and it'll be Barrett graduating from high school.

This girl loves to snuggle.

We had Kindergarten Camp.  I took zero pictures.  I felt like such a grown up joining the PTA. I got this free tshirt for joining.
May 25th was my mom's birthday, she was at the lake so we hadn't planned to do anything.  Well she sent my brothers, sister and I a text message saying they were having plumbing problems and they were coming home.  So we rallied and decided to surprise her with a cake and balloons that evening for her birthday.  I got everything together and then she text to say that she was staying the night and would be coming home the next day instead.  So we cancelled the party.

Saturday morning, I helped Brittany set up a graduation party.  It was so cute.  We make a really good party team.  

I'm obsessed with the balloon garland right now.  

Our Memorial Day weekend didn't go as planned.  Since the lake was having plumbing problems we didn't go up there.  Plus it was supposed to rain all weekend.  We did a lot of laying around.  I love this picture of us all piled up in the bed together.  We like to go and do but we also looove being at home.
My mom came back from the lake Saturday and she called me because Harper wanted Barrett to come spend the night with them.  So I took him over there and John and Hope were there with the kids.  They were going to dinner so I stayed at my parents so I could spend time with the kids. I love this picture of my dad reading to the girls.
I got to snuggle this sweet baby.  He's growing way to fast.  Hope text me this week and said she weighed him and he was 10lbs 4oz, which is what AveryAnn weighed at birth.  
We put on our red, white and blue for Mass Sunday morning.  I'm obsessed with matching clothes.  Barrett needs a haircut.  But I can't get enough of these sweet babies.
AveryAnn wanted to wear my earrings so we improvised. She was so proud.

Barrett didn't want to come home Sunday so he stayed another night with my parents.  AveryAnn was missing him but we loved getting one on one time with her.  I feel like that never happens.  (Even though we're together all day while Barrett is at school).  We all slept until 9:00 Monday morning and it was glorious!
We've been trying to get back on some sort of schedule this week.  We're looking forward to summer and all the fun it brings! I can't believe this is our last summer before Barrett goes to big school.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 2

Alternate title: I Don't Think I Can Do This.
Why is this so hard?  I love working out.  Okay that's not entirely true...I don't hate working out.  I also notice a significant difference in my stamina and overall performance when I've properly fueled my body before a workout.  But I can't for the life of me cut out the carbs again.  There are temptations everywhere and last summer I could easily turn up my nose and resist the temptation.  This summer I can't pass up anything.  I have given up soft drinks. I'll have a sparkling water with meals but that's it.  It's all the other junk.  This weekend being a holiday didn't help.  Plus it has been raining all week so basically all I've done is eat and plan what I'm going to eat next.  I have managed to get to HIIT 3 times since my last post.  Thursday night I even had to take my kids.  So I'm celebrating that small goal.  
-0.8lbs.  It's not the 2lbs I needed to lose to reach my goal by my birthday but it's better than nothing I suppose.  I'm not going to let it get me down.  I'm going to pick up and do better this week.