Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 5

I've been in Ketosis for 30 days now.
Those first couple of days I never thought I'd be here.  But I am so glad I stuck to it.  I've felt better in the last month than I have it a really long time.  I feel like I've been a better wife, mom, employee and just person in general.  Food still looks really good and I have to make the choice to eat right but it's getting easier.  I didn't even really want birthday cake at my birthday party this weekend.  I just decided it wasn't worth it.  I've also started working out a little this week.  I've been to two HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training).  The first one kicked my tail.  Like really kicked my tail.  It's only 30 minutes so I'm like "I can do anything for 30 minutes".  Yes I can, but I also got sick afterward.  I've never gotten sick from a workout.  I've also never been this out of shape so there's that too.  The instructor was in the bootcamp class I did several years ago.  So I knew him and he was great.  So encouraging, makes you want to go back.  So I did, even when I could barely walk. And I'm planning on going back tomorrow.  It feels good to sweat and be sore again.
I'm proud of that!  I'm finally under my pre-pregnancy heaviest.  So I know I can do this.  It's going to take time.  But I'm ready and I'm committed.
The inches are slowing down but I'm still seeing progress and I'm hoping that working out will help keep this progress up.
Waist- No change
Chest- 43" (-0.5")
Hips- 39.5 (-1.5")

 I'm very satisfied with my totals for the first five weeks.  It hasn't always been easy but I'm so proud of the progress I've made.  I'm down almost 30lbs total since March and I feel like a new person.  I can't wait to see where the next month takes me!
Thanks for following along!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Fun

We had a fun, uneventful weekend.   It was just what we needed.  Patrick had to work some but the kids and I got caught up around the house.
Thursday, I picked Barrett up from school and we went to get a sno cone.  AveryAnn wore her smocked sno cone outfit for the occasion.

He was very excited about his first trip to Sno Shack.  (It was called Sno Biz when I was in school.  Most everyone still calls it that but I really like Sno Shack so I've adopted the new name.)

Friday we went to the library. (We've really slowed down with our reading but we're still loving our weekly trips to the library)  We found two painted rocks and Barrett was so excited.  He re-hid one and kept one.  We were supposed to go watch Moana in the park but the weather did not cooperate so we watched it in the basement instead.  Elizabeth and Clay stopped by and watched it with us.  Then a guy I went to high school with was fighting in the Bellator MMA fight on SpikeTV so we watched him.  (He won!)

Saturday morning Patrick went to work and we did laundry.  Fun, fun stuff.
His first job was at my friends house and she sent me this picture of her boys watching Patrick work.  I thought I was so cute!

Saturday evening, the Hortons had everyone over to celebrate my birthday.  She will not let your birthday pass without having cake and singing.   Patrick is on call the weekend before and after my birthday so we celebrated a little early.
The cake was so cute!

AveryAnn couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Sunday we got up and went to Mass and then to lunch at my parents house.  We had a good time and then I left the kids to go to a workout class.  Where I thought I might die.  I've never thrown up at a workout class and I immediately got sick when this was over.  Yall, it was only a 30 minute class.  It kicked my tail.  The instructor was in my class when I did bootcamp and he was so encouraging. I'm so glad I went and plan to go a few times a week. 
AveryAnn wouldn't take a nap for my parents but she curled up in my lap and went to sleep.  This doesn't happen very often so I soaked it up.

This is just funny.  My mom has the stuffed bunnies that she sits in little rocking chairs.  Well AveryAnn can't stand for them to be in the rocking chair because she likes to sit in the rocking chair so she always immediately throws them in the floor.  Well yesterday she got the bunny's pants and took them to my mom like she wanted to wear them. So my mom put them on her, and she wore them around the rest of the afternoon.  We laughed and laughed.
It was a great weekend, today Barrett and I both had dentist appointments.  One of us had a cavity and one of us didn't.  Surprisingly I was the one without.  Yay me!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 4

I survived vacation!  I'm so proud of myself. I stayed in ketosis the whole time I was at the beach.  It kind of felt like week one all over again because I just associate vacation with junk food and margaritas.  I'd brought several snacks that were keto but they definitely weren't the same as crackers and cookies.  I kept telling myself there will be a time when I can come to the beach and eat whatever I want.  This will not be my last trip.  Thankfully, our hosts are amazing on the grill and we had some amazing protein for dinner each night.  Everyone else ate twice baked potatoes that looked amazing but I was perfectly content with fresh grilled shrimp.  I did drink a few beers and counted them in my macros.  I got some halo top ice cream for a treat at night.  Don't get me wrong I would have loved to have margaritas and shrimp & grits but I decided it wasn't worth it.  I think the hardest meal was brunch because I really wanted shrimp & grits and a mimosa.  But I had steak and eggs and it was delicious.
I was so proud that I not only didn't gain any weight this week but I managed to lose a tiny bit.


Slowly but surely I'll get there.  I'm seeing progress and it's such a good feeling.

I've lost around 23 pounds between these two pictures.  I've got a ways to go but I'm so proud of how far I've come. 
Thanks for following along. :)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Beach Vacation 2017

Get ready for picture overload.    We just got back from a long weekend with our friends in Pensacola.  We're so thankful that they welcome us with open arms and take such great care of us when we visit.  My only request was a family picture of us on the beach not in swimsuits and Patrick's only request was dinner at Cobalt.  Luckily we managed to kill two birds with one stone the night we arrived and got some sweet pictures of our little family while we waited for our table at Cobalt.
Love these people!

Sister wasn't so happy about the situation.

She was not happy about the sand.  At this point I was thinking the weekend was going to be long if she couldn't stand the sand on her feet.

Barrett is growing so very fast.  He's still very much a little boy and he still kisses me and wants me to hold him, but he's also independent and can entertain himself.  It's a little bittersweet.

Our fearless leaders for the weekend.  They are saints to drag a giant tent to the beach so our babies didn't burn up.  They grilled better shrimp and steak that most restaurants and pretended they didn't hear our kid when they woke up at 6:30 every morning.  We always have such a great time with them and this weekend was no different.

Daddy's girl.  If she said "Daddy" once she said it 10,000 times.  It was both sweet and infuriating at the same time. 

Love these sweet babies.

She may say "daddy" a million times a day but she didn't want out of Mama's arms.
Until we got to the patio behind the restaurant.  Then she wanted to run as fast as she could making everyone nervous she was going to end up in the water.

Checking out the sunset!

The Air Show was this weekend.  They had a practice show on Friday and the real show was Saturday.  We opted to catch the practice show in hopes it wouldn't be as crowded.  Finding a place to park was a little tricky but we found a spot and made our way to the beach.  AveryAnn was just there for the snacks.

He hates loud noises so we got some noise cancelling headphones for him to wear. He was ready for the show.

Barrett wouldn't swim in the ocean without one of us. 

Miss Priss was dancing and having the best time.

We saw a few planes fly when we started to hear a little thunder rumbling.  We made our plans for when it got bad.  I was in charge of getting the kids to the car and my giant beach bag and the other three grabbed everything else.  (I got out easy on this one.)  Well I saw a lightening bolt and that was our que.  The kids and I headed to the car to see what would happen.  It wasn't much longer before everyone headed up.  It was raining and just gross.  We decided to call it a day and head back to the house.  We were sad we didn't get to see the Blue Angels fly but it wasn't worth waiting out the storm.  We decided to grill shrimp for dinner and it did not disappoint.

AveryAnn loved the corn on the cob.  I ate so much shrimp.  It was so good.

Day two we headed back out to the beach.  Another day, another snack.

Patrick was holding Barrett and she was so jealous.

Barrett enjoyed the sand but he wasn't too sure about the water unless we were with him.

I'm not proud of this but every time I sat down an empty can, she'd grab it and turn it up.

Matching swimsuits for life!  Barrett and I got out of the ocean and when we got back to the tent there were about 10 dolphins swimming around.  They stayed for the longest time and Barrett was so excited about it. 

All the boat traffic coming back from the Air Show.  It was crazy. 
We decided to grill a "Surf & Turf" for dinner and once again it was amazing. 

I got up and went to Mass Sunday morning and then we went to brunch at Fisher's.  It was so good.  I really wanted the shrimp and grits but I had the steak and eggs instead and it was delicious. 
I had to have Carla snap some pictures in our matching brunch outfits. 

She was so proud to be sitting on the swing.

Our last day AveryAnn finally decided the sand wasn't so bad after all.  She carried that bucket all around us.

Carla and Tony went to the restroom and on their way back to the sand they found 3 painted rocks.  One of them had two dolphins on it and Barrett quickly claimed that one.  He said it reminded him of the dolphins we saw the last time we were at the beach (the day before).  Carla kept one and we decided to hide the other one.  We hid it at the restaurant where we had dinner.  (Someone posted today they found it, Barrett was so excited!)  People recently started doing this in our area and now we're so excited to paint some rocks to hide.

Sand babies. 
We went to Sunset Grill for dinner.  It was yummy and the perfect ending to the weekend.  I let AveryAnn down at the end of our meal and she was walking around visiting with all the tables. 

We got up this morning and started getting ready to head home.  I think AveryAnn's got this relaxation thing down.  We were sad to leave but it's good to be home.  My uncle recently got moved to a VA assisted living home not far from Pensacola so we made a quick stop there to visit him.  It was good to see him and he just laughed and laughed at the kids.  There were several men sitting out in the halls and they all just had a fit over the kids.  It was a really nice visit with all the people we met.
We're back home, back to the routine.  I love the beach, but it's good to be home!

Friday, July 7, 2017

July 4th

We came home from the lake Sunday night and started getting ready for the week.  Patrick was off Monday, but I had to work.  That night Barrett and I read our 100th book of the summer!  We were so proud.

Tuesday, we headed to the Davis' house to swim with friends.  The weather was a little spotty but we had a really fun day!
My girl and me! 
The boys swam in the rain.  They thought it was so great!

Brittany gave AveryAnn piggy tails.  They were so cute!

I love this picture of Patrick and AveryAnn.

I didn't get many pictures of Barrett.  He was too busy doing flips off the diving board.  This was the second swimming trip he's gone off the diving board and he was doing flips.  He saw one of the dads do a back flip and he walked up and turned around and did a back flip.  We were all shocked.  Even the other moms because they remember last summer when he would barely get off the steps.  Well one of the boys got wind that I could do a back flip so I was peer pressured by a bunch of 4 year olds to do one.  I did it a few times and when I came up Barrett said, "I'm so proud of you mommy, you did so good!".  Hopefully I secured my spot as a cool mom.  We had the best time watching him.  He swam for probably 8 hours.  He wanted to do one more back flip and when he did he hit his back on the board.  He of course cried and I know it hurt, but then he was so sweet and asked if he could go just one more time. You know we let him because I didn't want him to be scared and he did a front flip.  We were so proud that he did it again and wasn't scared.

These boys were so sweet.  We missed a few of our friends but we had so much fun!