Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Review

I'll start with Thursday since it's been a sweet forever since I posted.
Barrett is really into books finally.  Well he really just likes pulling them off the shelf but we read a few too.  This is our bedtime routine.   Patrick reads while Barrett is eagerly waiting to turn each page.
Actually this was Wednesday night.  It was after bath time and Barrett and I both needed some fresh air so we headed out.  It was a beautiful night.  We watched the cows on the other side of the neighborhood.
Thursday we had a fun play date with Drake. We met at the soccer fields so Anna and I could walk on the track.  Barrett took a quick nap in the stroller then we let them swing for a while and finally ended up on a blanket in the grass. 
Luckily, Anna is a good mom and brought the boys a snack to share.  Barrett enjoyed that. 
These pictures crack me up because Drake is 6 months younger than Barrett but they are the same size. They play really well together when Barrett isn't trying to tackle him.  It was a fun afternoon of much needed mom conversation.
Barrett was cracking me up Saturday at lunch.  I gave him some cheese and crackers.  He took one or two bites out of EVERY cracker.  Then he looked at me like he wanted more.
Saturday night we went to John & Hope's house to eat hamburgers for Hope's birthday.  We took Barrett's car because we don't have a level place for him to ride it at our house.  He had a ball.
Sunday after Mass I took his picture in front of the blooming azaleas at Mom and Dad's house.  Barrett hung out with them while I went home and did housework  took a nap. 

Today we were supposed to meet with our service coordinator to get Barrett's therapy plan mapped out but she had to cancel due to the stomach virus.  So we enjoyed the morning with Daddy and then headed to work.

We got to work late so Barrett ate lunch then he went to sleep and slept for 3 hours!!!  It was much needed because I have so much work to do this week.  I had to get a picture of his little feet.  For some reason when I looked over at him sleeping so sweetly I was just overcome with emotion.  Something about watching him sleep so peacefully.  I love him so much it feels like my heart could explode.  I think the fact he started walking this weekend really made me realize how fast time is passing.  He is not quite a full time walker yet but he is definitely walking more than crawling.
Patrick rotated to second shift today so our routine looks a little different.  We are looking forward to Easter this weekend and spending lots of time with family.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Can you Hear me now? {An Update}

{Another long boring post}
Last week we took Barrett for an evaluation for the Early Intervention System.  {Here's last week's post for the reason we were doing this.}  We were anxious to say the least.  I thought I was going to vomit in the parking lot before we went in.  We were early for our appointment so we were able to chat with the women that do the evaluation for a few minutes while they finished their lunch.  They were all so nice and we immediately felt at ease.  The evaluation process itself was fairly simple for us.  There were three women, one of them talked with me about Barrett while the other two were in the floor "playing" with him.  They were trying to get him to do the things that he should be doing at 15 months.  He did several of them but there were several tasks he wasn't able to complete.  They were so helpful to Patrick and I giving us several things to be working on with him.  We asked when we would hear back from them and they said in the next day or so.  Meanwhile I was gathering as much information about Early Intervention as I could.  I was so surprised to know how many people I know had used the program or been evaluated.  I was hearing nothing but good things.  
Fast forward to yesterday, I hadn't heard from them so I decided to call fully expecting them to say that he didn't qualify.  I was a little shocked when she said that not only did he qualify but he qualified in 4 of the 5 developmental areas.  He was borderline physically which combines gross motor and fine motor skills.  My biggest concern was communication.  They told us that more often than not when there is a delay in communication it will affect other areas. 
This has been a hard thing to hear.  No one wants to hear that their child has a 25% delay in 4 developmental areas.  While it's not the easiest thing to hear, I'm so thankful that our pediatrician saw a need for the referral.  I never thought he was as delayed as he is.  Part of that is because I'm his mom and didn't want to see it and part is because I just wasn't really sure what a 15 month old is supposed to be able to do.  I'm also thankful that if he was borderline it went in the direction where he qualified.  I would hate to think he had a 23% delay and didn't qualify.  I'm also thankful that this program exists.  I'm trying to not let myself feel like I've failed.  I know it's not my fault.  I know there are probably things I could do better but I'm a good mom.  We are eager and excited to start this process.  We are waiting to be assigned a service coordinator.  She will sit down with us to write out a plan and then we'll work together to get Barrett caught up to where he needs to be.  
We will also have a hearing test scheduled for May 7th to rule out any form of hearing loss.  Once again we think he's fine but want to be sure.  
Thank you all for your prayers and support. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a fun, busy weekend.  Thursday I took this adorable picture of Barrett before work.  It's officially bubble suit weather and I love it. 
I know he's mine but I think he's adorable.

Friday night Patrick's mom and sister hosted a little bridal shower for one of Patrick's cousins.  I was worried how Barrett did since he's usually in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 and the party didn't start until 7:00.  He did fine but I was exhausted by the time we got home at 10:30.

Saturday morning I let Barrett feed himself with a spoon.  He did a pretty good job and was very proud.
I put him down for an early nap since he was up so late the night before and we had somewhere to be right in the middle of his normal nap time.  He slept for 3.5 hours.  While he slept I cleaned house.  My house was a disaster so it felt good to get it cleaned up a bit.

Ally caught up on her sleep too.

When Patrick got home from work and Barrett woke up from his nap we headed to a gender reveal party for some of our friends.  They have one son who is 3.5 and shes due with this baby in May.  They didn't find out what the first baby was so this time they decided to find out with friends and family.  I'd never been to a gender reveal before but it was a lot of fun.  My friend Brittany with Sweet P designs did the party and it was so so so cute.  The theme was "One Fish, Two Fish, Pink Fish, Blue Fish"

Barrett was not interested in having his picture made.
Love my little family though.  We stayed way to late but Barrett was so good and we enjoyed just getting to hang out as a family with other families.  
Sunday we got up and went to Mass, then to lunch at my mom and dad's house.  It was a rainy, gloomy day so we came home and took naps and watched movies.
The evaluation went well last week.  We still haven't heard back from them.  I plan on calling today. We felt much better about the situation after going last week.  Since we decided to tell everyone what was going on, we've received so much support from people that either went through the evaluation process and weren't eligible or qualified and loved the system. So we are very encouraged.  I'll do another post when we know what our next step will be.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Can you hear me now?

{This is a long boring post.  I've had so many thoughts over the last couple of days I need an outlet to record them.}
At Barrett's 15 month check up, Dr. Farr was concerned that he isn't saying any words yet.  No words, not attempting to say words, really no interest in talking at all.  He doesn't always respond to verbal commands, he can't point to any body parts when asked and we've been concerned.  I know that a lot of kids don't talk until closer to age two but the fact Barrett doesn't attempt to say words or even syllables led to us being referred to two different places.  One to have his hearing tested to make sure he is in fact hearing us and the other is an early intervention program that works with kids from birth to age 3 with a 25% delay.  They also have a program to teach parents how to work with their kids at home.
I was so upset when I left the appointment.  I didn't (and still don't) think there is anything really wrong with him but there is clearly some concern.  As a parent I want to do everything I can for him.  But it's still so hard to think something could be wrong.  Then I play the what am I doing wrong game.  Would it help if he was in some sort of daycare/school/Mother's Day Out program around other kids?  Do I not read to him enough?  Do I just give him what he wants to often instead of making him ask for it? Do we watch to much TV?  The questions are endless.  I think he hears me but what if he really doesn't.
We have his evaluation for the early intervention program Wednesday afternoon.  I'm praying that there's nothing wrong with him but if there is we will get him all the help he needs to succeed.  There are so, so many parents facing far worse and we are thankful that he is healthy and happy.  Being a parent is so hard sometimes.  I've tried to do the "right" thing at every possible turn, the hard part is there is never a 100% "right" choice.  What works for one family may not work for us.  I've done really well at not comparing Barrett to other kids but I do like to gauge where he is versus other kids his age.  He doesn't seem behind when with other kids his age but we trust our pediatrician 100% so we're going ahead with the screening/evaluation. We'd rather get him help as soon as possible if he needs it.
I guess I'll wrap this up.
I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal.
But it's a big deal to us.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Well we didn't see Deacon or Rayna but we had a wonderful getaway to Nashville.  We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to take a little weekend trip to celebrate our anniversary.  We didn't want to go far.  I'm almost embarassed to admit but we decided on Nashville while we were watching Nashville one Wednesday night.  I love the show and Patrick tolerates it.  We didn't really have any plans.  We really wanted to stay downtown but by the time we tried to book a hotel the only one we could find was $400/night.  So we stayed about 10 minutes from town and it worked out fine.

We dropped Barrett off on Thursday afternoon with Patrick's parents and they were so excited to keep him.  We got to Nashville around 8:00 and it was pouring rain.  We were going to try to go to the Bluebird cafe but it was so crowded when we got there people were lined up in the rain to get in.  We decided to go back to the hotel bar for a few drinks.
I had the "Barbie".  It was only ok.
We enjoyed pizza, live music and watching this couple dance like they were on "Dancing with the Stars".  

Friday, I had big plans for brunch at the Pancake Pantry but Patrick isn't a huge fan of waiting in line for food so when the line went down the block to get in we decided plan B would be "The Pharmacy".  Amy had recommended it and it was delicious.  People were lined up to get in this place too!
When we left there we were going to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame but we decided to just walk up and down Broadway and check out the bars.  We went to the "World Famous" Tootsies.  Yall, I was so surprised by how many people were out and about at 12:00 on a Friday afternoon.  There were three different bands playing in this one bar.  There were families with small kids everywhere.  I had no idea that Nashville was a hot Spring Break destination.
After we drank a few beers and listened to some music we headed back to the hotel to take a nap before dinner. 
We weren't really sure where we wanted to eat dinner.  We decided to just eat where ever we could get a table.  Rock Bottom Brewery was the first place we went in and we waited about 10 minutes.  It was so good.  Patrick ate guacamole for the first time and didn't hate it.  We're making progress on him trying new things.  I had shrimp and lobster enchiladas and they were so good.  My margarita was only okay.   

After dinner we walked up Broadway trying to decide if we wanted to fight the crowds in the bars to listen to live music.  We decided on Legends Corner and stayed there for a while
We left there and headed to the candy shop for a late night treat.  I got some candy and a chocolate/caramel covered apple while Patrick got ice cream.  I thought this picture of Patrick double fisting the ice cream was hilarious.
We took our treats back to the hotel and called it a night. 
We planned to get lunch somewhere in Nashville before we headed home but it was raining and we were so ready to see Barrett we came straight home.
It was a fun couple of nights away but we missed Barrett way more than we thought we would.  I think it's important for our marriage to spend time away just the two of us and I'm sure it will get easier to leave Barrett.
A few things we learned this weekend.
-We are old.  We were in bed every night by 11.  There was a group of frat boys staying in our hotel.  I felt like I could fit in with them until the date on his shirt caught my eye. 2013.  That's 10 years after I started college and I died a little on the inside.  Also, they were heading out to get more rubber duckies.  Is this code for something that i don't know about?  If not what the heck were they doing with rubber ducks?
-A beer with lunch doesn't go down as smoothly as it used to.
-The quality of live music gets better the closer you get to downtown.
-We were told the most requested song in Nashville is "Wagon Wheel".  We conducted our own un-scientific survey and determined "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line is actually the most played song.
-We need to upgrade to a king size bed.
-I can not travel with less than three bags.
-Nashville is apparently the Bachelorette Party capital of the South.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Today, Patrick and I have been married for 6 years!!! I honest can't believe how fast the years have passed. We've had a lot of fun over the years. We've had our fair share of struggles as well. Life is definitely different these days with a 3 dogs and a toddler but we wouldn't change a thing! We've been blessed beyond belief. I'm so thankful for my husband who is truly my better half. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see what life holds at the next turn!

Just babies on our wedding day in 2008!

Enjoying our honeymoon! Love this sweet man!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

15 Months

I thought I'd do a little 15 month update.  I haven't done one in a couple months.  The last couple months have been fun!  I can't get over how much older you look in just 3 months time.  Your hair has gotten so long and it's almost time for a haircut, ok it's way past time for a haircut but I keep putting it off.  I miss my baby but watching you learn and discover new things is so much fun.  I feel like you are watching our every move and taking in every little thing we do.  We fake sneeze all the time to get you to smile, in the last week you've started doing it too.  Makes us smile every time.

  • You weigh 23lbs (50th percentile)
  • You are 29.5 inches tall (5th percentile)
  • You're in 12 month clothes for the most part.  I'm buying 18 month for summer.
  • Size 4 diaper, you go through 3-6 a day
  • Size 4.5 shoe 

  • Your hair is light and long.
  • Your eyes are still blue.
  • You get a sippy cup of milk in the morning and one at night and sometimes one in the middle of the day.
  • You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes you have a snack.
  • You're a pretty good eater.  You're getting more picky but will usually try anything.  
  • You love fruit.  Some of your favorites are bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. 

  • You've taken two-three steps several times but for the most part you're not interested in walking.
  • You don't really climb but you're interested in reaching things that are high.  
  • You have 12 teeth.
  • Your favorite toys are the ones that roll. Balls, cars and trucks.

  • You sleep at night like a champ.  Usually 11-12 hours
  • Nap time is another story.  You really need two naps a day but usually only get one. You usually get one from around 3-5:30 in the afternoons.

  • You and Ally are the best of friends.  She is the first one in your room in the mornings when it's time to get you up.  She is so excited to see you.
  • You love to feed her from your high chair.

You, sweet boy, are so much fun.  I feel like everyday is something new.  You are constantly learning and changing.  We've had a few play dates and a few trips to the park since the weather has been nice.  You love to swing.  You're not to crazy about the slides yet but I think you will be in time.  You're starting to interact more with kids so I see us doing a lot of play dates this spring and summer.  You're staying with your Grandmama and Grandaddy this weekend for the first time.  I'm sure you'll have the best time.  We love you sweet boy.  Happy 15 months!