Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dirty Thirty Birthday Extravaganza

I decided to break this up into a few posts.  

We've been planning this trip for a few months.  Since we're all turning 30 within the year we decided to take a trip to celebrate.  I was so nervous to leave my boys but I was so excited too.  I new Patrick and Barrett would be fine. 
We started our journey early Friday morning.  When I say early I mean I was picking up my first passenger (Crystal) at 2:30am.  Crystal and I arrived at Brittany's to get her and Mallory and we were on the road by 3:00, right on schedule.  We decided to save money and drive to Atlanta instead of flying.  I was worried that it would be a nightmare and it really wasn't so bad.  We arrived in Atlanta right on time and quickly got checked in.  My suitcase weighed 50 lbs exactly.  I was pretty proud of that.  My favorite moment from the shuttle ride was when someone asked us where we were going and everyone just kinda looked at each other.  We weren't exactly sure because we knew we had transportation set up and didn't really have to know.  I'm sure the other people on the shuttle thought we were idiots.  For the record we went to the Riviera Maya.
Here we are right before take off.  I don't like to fly.  I get really anxious mainly because I get sick and I didn't really want to throw up.  I usually have a drink before I fly but it was 8:00 in the morning and I wasn't ready to start drinking just yet.  I got a little upset when I called Patrick right before we boarded the plane but I after I talked to him I was better.  Before I knew it we were cleared for take off and away we went. 
{A little background on these girls.  The top left is Crystal, we cheered together in high school and she still lives in Gardendale and we see each other a lot since her youngest is Barrett's age.  Top right is Mallory, we graduated high school together and went to the N'SYNC concert together in 10th grade.  Bottom right is Lindsey, we also cheered together but she is younger than us.  I hadn't seen her in years and enjoyed catching up with her. Bottom Left is Brittany, she was the common denominator in the group.}
After our 2-3 hour flight and 30 minute van ride we arrived here!
It didn't take long to park ourselves here!  I loved the beach set up because you could easily sit in the sun or the shade.  It was great because we could all sit together but still be comfortable.
Brittany and I walked up to the front to make our dinner reservations and we were so happy to be there!  The resort was huge and we quickly learned that if we were going from the beach to the front we wanted a ride.
Most of the shuttles were just 6 passenger golf carts. But they had this one and we call it the zoo train.  We only rode it a couple of times.

On our way back to the beach we stopped for some ice cream.  
We were all exhausted Friday from our early start and morning of traveling so we just went to one of the buffett's for dinner.  None of us felt like getting ready so we just wore our swim suits and cover ups and we were way under dressed.  Like afraid they were going to make us leave.  They didn't but we tried to dress appropriately for the rest of the trip. 
Breakfast was my favorite meal each day.
We quickly got our spot on the beach and I learned they will fill your water bottle with margaritas if you want.  It was a good day! We sat on the beach and talked and read and laughed.  It was so good for my soul.
My team had a big game Saturday afternoon so I had to wear my elephant earrings and houndstooth hat to support them.
Mallory missed the group picture that morning because she was at the gym.
For lunch Brittany and I just went to the little snack bar at the beach and got a hamburger.  These animals are everywhere and they'll come right up to you.  On the left it was sniffing our table and then out of no where it jumped on the table and stole the top bun to my burger.  The picture on the right was my reaction.  Brittany captured it and I'm so glad she did.  We were laughing so hard.  
Animals were everywhere.  I thought this giant lizard was going to get my lip gloss.  Lucky for me Crystal was brave enough to get my lip gloss and take a close picture of it.  

Saturday night we had reservations for dinner at the Italian restaurant.  We got dressed up and it was delicious.  
At dinner.
Food at dinner.
After dinner.
After dinner.  I am a good 4 inches shorter than everyone else so I was the perfect height for the bottom, middle of the group selfie.
After dinner we headed back to the room and hung out.
Then this guy got in our room some how.  We waited outside for a man to come around so we could ask him to get it out.  We saw this couple going to their room and Brittany asked him if he was afraid of frogs and he agreed to help us, truth be told we didn't give him much of a chance.  I told him the only tool I had was a cup, he was like "Oh I don't need it."  Then he got close and saw it and said, "you still got that cup?"  We laughed, he got the frog.  We thanked him profusely and he avoided us the rest of the trip.  
That sums up our first two days in paradise.  I'll be back with more...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

So much for blogging more than once a week.  Here are a few of my favorites this week.

Spray  Tan!
I got my first one this week and I love it.  I needed a little color before my trip and my friend Jessica owns a salon so she sprayed my last night.  I just love it.  I had two people ask me today if I had a good trip because I was so tan they thought I just got back.  I will definitely be doing it again.  If you're local send me message and I'll let you know where.  a little off subject but I love how skinny I look in that mirror.

Ok this isn't necessarily a favorite but the gypsy circus is in town and there was a camel just hanging out on the side of the highway today.  Not everyday you see that.

I heard a weird noise today and walked into the kitchen to find this.  Barrett had dumped the whole box of Fruit Loops on the table and floor. 

I saw these pjs at target this week and I think I need them.  

And for my absolute favorite of the week...I'm headed to 4 days of fun in the sun.  I'm so excited to sleep late and lounge around.  I already miss my boys but I'm sure they're doing great!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

Is it to late for a Friday Favorites post?  I think not.  I want to start posting more than once a week...I don't think it's going to happen but a girl can dream...

These new booties are an absolute favorite this week.  I got them last Sunday and I've worn them 4 days this week.  They are so comfortable and I feel like they go with everything.  (I ordered them from Amazon but they are Jessica Simpson).

I ordered this knock-off  Zara blanket scarf and I can't wait until it gets here.  It's been warm here this week but I can't wait to wear it all winter.  

This time next week I'll be here!!! I'm taking a little 30th birthday girls trip.  I'm so excited for some fun in the sun.  I'm excited to sleep late 4 days in a row.  I'm really nervous about leaving Barrett but Patrick has taken off work and they are going to get to spend so much time together, it'll be fun!  This is the longest I've ever left him and the first time I've left them both overnight.  
Plus flying internationally right now is a bit nerve racking with all the talk of ebola.  I know we're going to have a blast but I'm sure I'll be ready to see my boys Tuesday!!

We went to the Fall Carnival tonight to support the elementary school.  I made several signs for the event.  Unfortunately the weather was yucky.  We didn't stay long since it started lightning.

TGIF!!! We're ready for the weekend!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fun Fall Football filled Weekend

I've sat down to write this post about 5 times over the last two days...
We had the best weekend.  It is finally feeling like Fall around here and we couldn't be more excited about it.  A few of these pictures are from the week.
Barrett playing with the dogs outside one afternoon at work.  He loves to go over to the fence to see them.  So cute.
My best friend, Lorie, had a big birthday last Thursday.  Kristen and I snuck out, at what felt like was the middle of the night when in actuality it was only 8:15 to decorate her yard with a fun sign and balloons.
I finally got the house all decorated for Fall.  I love all the pumpkins and cozy smelling candles.
Friday night we met up with some book club friends and went to high school football game.  When we first got there the other team scored and Barrett just cheered and clapped.  It was pretty cute even if he was confused who we were cheering for.  Around 7:30 which is typically his bedtime he crawled in my lap and just wanted to be held.
I just love the Friday night lights.  I'm proud to say that I still know all the motions to the fight song and most of the cheers.  It's funny how 11 years later it all comes right back to you.
Saturday we invited some friends over to watch football.  Barrett was helping me clean.
My sweet boy after his 5 hour nap.  Excuse his shirt, his Daddy dressed him after his nap.  This was after Bama lost.  We were sad but you can't win them all and what goes up must come down.  I still love watching with friends.
We still wore our Bama gear to church Sunday.  Don't tell this sweet boy we lost because he's just way to happy and cute.  After church we went to my parent's house to see John and Hope.  I hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to catch up with them.  Before we knew it was Monday again.  I'm not sure how that happens so fast each week but it does.  We're gearing up for another fun week and weekend.  There is so much I want to do this month...I hope we can fit it all in!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

I can't believe it's October.  It's always a fun month and this year will be no different.  I've got a few October goals. First lets review my September goals...1) Make a budget, I did sit down and write out my budget for the month.  I've struggled to stick to it though.  I don't know why it is so hard for me but it is.  2)  Cook 5 nights a week.  This did not happen but we did eat out less that the previous month.  I tried to cook things that we could eat more than one night and that worked for us.  3) Go to the gym.  This did not happen.  I wonder if it will ever happen again.  4)  Start planning for the Holidays.  I did get my Christmas shopping list made out.  I got most of Barrett's birthday playdate planned.  I worked on the menu for our Halloween party.  I'm pleased with this goal.  5)  Clean out guest room.  I'm proud to say I got this mostly done.  I've still got a few things in there that don't belong in there.  But overall it's a thousand times better.  6)  Decorate for FALL!!! I finally got this done this week.  I added a few pictures but it doesn't look much different than every other year.  I feel like I usually have more but this was all I could find.

These pictures are terrible.  I put some pumpkins on the mantle in my glass jars.  Added some fall flowers and my scarecrows.  I also added a picture of Barrett from Halloween in the little frame.
I just added a fall candle and some pictures from last Fall in the frames.
My wittle baby from the pumpkin patch last year.  

Now on to October's goals.  I purposely made these a little easier and fun for the season!
1) Go to the Pumpkin Patch!
I loved taking Barrett (and Patrick) to the pumpkin patch last year.  I can't wait to go this year because I know Barrett is going to enjoy it so much.
2) Take a Girls Trip!
I kinda cheated on this one because I've been planning this girls trip for months.  I'm so excited!
3) Start Christmas Shopping.
I've already bought a few things but I'd like to be done by the end of November.  
4)  Host 2nd Annual Trick or Treating at our house.
 Last year we had a few friends over to eat chili and trick or treat and we had so much fun.  We're planning on doing it again this year.  
5)  Exercise!!!
Clearly I'm not getting to the gym as much as I'd like to so I'd be happy to just get out and walk the neighborhood.  We get out most nights but I don't move as much as I should.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friends in Low Places

When Garth Brooks announced he was going back on tour this year Patrick and I immediately started talking about going.  I didn't think he would come to Birmingham but hoped he would come close.  Well the second city he announced was Atlanta.  We knew we had to go!  We didn't get tickets the day they went on sale so we started to lose hope.  Well I was randomly checking a ticket site and there were some available so we snatched them up.  Our friends Tony and Carla went with us and we had a so much fun!  We got a hotel room for the night so we wouldn't have to worry about driving back.  The drive over seemed to take forever, I think it was because we were all so excited.  We narrowly avoided a head on collision, Tony quickly realized we were going the wrong way down and turned down a side street but it was scary for a second.  We finally arrived at the hotel just in time for check-in.  Funny story:  Friday, Patrick asked me if I was going to be taking an overnight bag.  I wish you could have seen the look I gave him.  It's like he doesn't know me at all.  I take an overnight bag when I go somewhere for the day.  Needless to say I packed an overnight bag.

Love is dragging a pink suitcase when you're married to an overpacker!

We got ready and headed to dinner.

A few pictures before dinner.

We went to dinner at the first place we came to. Ted's Montana Grill.  We used to have one in Birmingham but it closed.  (Patrick and I had eaten there before but I spent most of the meal trying to remind him.  He is convinced I went with someone else.)  After dinner we had time to kill before the show so we decided to ride the Ferris wheel to get a good look at the hip hop festival.  It was such a beautiful day!

SkyView selfie.
My bearded date.  He was so excited about all the compliments he got on his beard.
Not really sure what I was doing here but I can assure you I was having fun!
Carla and Me at the show.  
I was so afraid our seats were going to be terrible.  
There were definitely better seats in the house but there were worse ones too. 
We had so much fun.  Garth was amazing!  He retired right around the time that I really started going to concerts so he was one of those people that I thought I'd never see live.  Patrick felt the same way so it was kind of surreal getting to be there.  Honestly I don't know how he does it.  I was exhausted.  Last weekend he did two shows each night.  Talk about impressive.  Trisha sang a few songs and was great too.  I didn't want it to end (except my feet were hurting and I was really tired).  My favorite part was he seemed genuinely happy and shocked that people still wanted to see him after all his time off.  I also read somewhere that he is donating everything he makes from the tour to charity.  Pretty amazing.  After the show, we went back to the hotel so I could change shoes and then we headed out in search of a late night snack.  We really wanted Hooters but we took a wrong turn somewhere and never found it. So we ended up at Waffle House.  Y'all it was packed.  We had to wait for 30 minutes for a waffle house.  But it was probably the best waffle I'd ever had.  We were all barely holding our eyes open at this point so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.  Before we knew it it was time to wake up and head home.  We had so much fun and the whole trip home we talked about all the trips we need to take together.  We always have so much fun with Tony and Carla.  I think our personalities just mesh really well.  We got home around noon and Barrett was taking a nap at my parents house, so we left him there to sleep and headed home to unload.  When I went back to get him he was so excited to see me.  It was so cute.  We missed him but we enjoyed our time away and he had a blast at my parents house with my two nieces.  We were again reminded that we're not as young as we used to be.  I took a nap Sunday afternoon and I'm still exhausted today.  It may take me a week to recover...but it was totally worth it!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Later Gators

Saturday was the SEC opener for the Tide.  We loaded up Saturday morning to head to Tuscaloosa.  Traffic was a nightmare.  We had to make one stop at John's exit to give him something.  We ended up having to stop at a rest stop because someone couldn't hold it until we got there.  Which if you know my dad is huge because growing up he would only stop one time on the way to the beach, a five hour drive.  We finally made it.  I think it took us close to two hours.  Not fun.  I was a little nervous because this was the first time in 10 years that we weren't hosting the tailgate.  Luckily my cousin and his wife invited us to tailgate at their house and it worked out perfectly.  they live almost the exact distance from the stadium as John's apartment.  It was different being at a house that wasn't occupied by college kids but it was fun!  I was also nervous that i was going to be the only "kid" there.  Not that my parents aren't great but part of the fun of past tailgates have been all the people.  Turns out I was all worried for nothing.  
My sister and her husband came.  She was so happy to see me.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the stadium.  I sat with my dad.  He has fun seats.  It was a beautiful, hot day.  Like really hot.  I was so happy we were in the shade for the last half.

We had a god time.
After the game we headed back to my cousin's house to hang out.  My cousin Mark made an appearance. 

Some of the "M" cousins.  Mark, Mary Margaret and Me.  (Mary Margaret is actually a second cousin.  Her dad is my first cousin, we were at their house.)

We missed everyone that wasn't there.  I didn't take very many pictures.  I was too busy visiting.  I'm not sure I'll get to go to any more games this season but I hope to make at least one more.  I'd like for Barrett and Patrick to go.  As far as the actual game goes, holy moly did they grease the ball?  We couldn't hold on to it for anything, for a while there I was nervous.  Thankfully we got our act together pulled out a big win.  Looking forward to the week off.