Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

We kicked off Easter weekend Thursday with Barrett's Easter party at school.  They made these adorable bunny shirts and he was working that tail.  It was so cute!

He was so excited we were there. 

Sister got a cookie and she was very happy.  (She was pretty cranky other than this moment.)

My friend Cristi took this one.  He's already learned that chicks dig babies.
Bunny on a bicycle.  He insisted he wear his bunny shirt again on Friday.

Saturday was the annual Egg hunt at church.  This used to be the highlight of the weekend for the Maxwell kids.  It's so much fun getting to take my own kids now.

AveryAnn isn't walking yet but she didn't let that stop her.  She got two eggs, one for each hand, and she was so happy.  Hope and Madelyn came to hunt eggs.  I'm sad we didn't get a picture of them together.  They were so cute!

Patrick took Barrett to his age group area and they found them all in record time.  By the time I got over there they were all done. 

Barrett was a little upset that he didn't get the Golden egg. 
We left there and headed to my Grandmother's house for lunch.  AveryAnn took a little nap in the car but she was a little whiney.  Madelyn will give hugs now and it's the sweetest thing ever.
I don't even know who took this picture but it was on my camera and its so sweet. 

The Easter bunny made a stop by the Horton house.  We don't do big baskets.  Our kids are rotten and get baskets at each of our parents houses too so we keep it simple. 

I love these of them together with their baskets.  They have both grown so much since last Easter.  It makes me happy and sad.

She adores her big brother and I hope they always love each other.

Best one I got of them both in their dress clothes.  Barrett has gotten so much better about taking pictures.  He just hams it up for the camera these days.  After Mass we went to my parents house for lunch.  It was nice to visit with everyone. 

This is the best it got for the family picture.
I look 45 and Barrett looks 10.  AveryAnn's smile is adorable.  She was trying to get Barrett and he was not having it.  I'm so thankful for my little family. 

We left my parents house and headed home for AveryAnn to take a nap.  Barrett wanted his picture made in front of the blooming azaleas we planted a couple of months ago.  They are still small but had so many blooms this year.  I was kind of shocked.  After naps we went to the Horton's for dinner.  AveryAnn was over all of it and wouldn't eat anything.  Then she wouldn't even sit in the highchair so Patrick and I could eat.  She finally calmed down and was pleasant enough for us to stay and visit for a while. We were on our way home and Barrett saw the big cross at GFBC or his old school as he called it, and said "That big cross looks just like the cross Jesus died on."  I guess he is listening sometimes. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weekend Review

I've listened to podcasts on and off for a while now.  I've been working by myself a lot over the last four months so I've been listening to them all the time.  I've found several that I listen to weekly and can't wait for the next one to be available.  One of my newest favorites is Arc Stories.  My sister told me about it and I was hooked after the first episode.  I listened to all 50 episodes in about a week.  It's based here in Birmingham and it's basically just people telling stories.  All the stories are told in front of a live audience and it's just super entertaining.  I've laughed and cried while listening.  They have a live event every month and this month's was Friday night at the Botanical Gardens.  I'd tentatively marked in on my calendar but wasn't sure I'd find anyone to go with me.  My sister texted me and told me they were going if I wanted to tag along.  I talked to Patrick and he said he'd go too.  He didn't really get it what it was all  about but said he'd give it a try.  It was a beautiful night to hang out in the park. 
Y'all, we were so surprised at how much fun it was. There were six storytellers.  They were all so good.  We laughed so much and just had the best time.  It was something different and fun for a little date night.  We're already planning to definitely go to the one around Christmas.  (I hope we get to one before then though.)
Saturday I picked up the kids from my parents and we hung out at home all day.  It was nice to not have to be anywhere. 
Sunday we went to church and then lunch at my parents.  Barrett begged for them to hide Easter eggs for him to hunt.  Which they of course did and he had a ball.  That afternoon we had ragball pictures.
They were running behind schedule so it took longer than we expected but Barrett did great. 
Barrett complained about his ear hurting all weekend but it didn't seem to serious.  It usually hurt the worst when it was time for him to do something he didn't want to do.  Well Monday he woke up with a fever so I decided to go ahead and take him in.  Ear infection, both ears.  Since he was running a fever I couldn't take him to the office with me and I have a lot of work to do this week.  (The next two weeks are two of the busiest weeks of the year for me.)  Thankfully my dad was working from home and said he could keep them.
If you have to go to the doctor you might as well look cute.  By that afternoon he was feeling better and Dr. Farr said he could resume normal activity as soon as he felt like it so we went to practice.  We had the best time at practice.  All the parents are really involved and it was so much fun.  I was helping get the kids to first base after they hit the ball. After practice I told Barrett how proud I was and how much fun I had with him and he said, "I'm proud of you for helping coach Mama."  I laughed so hard. 
We planted some azaleas a few months back and they bloomed this week and they were so pretty.  They're not very big but they had so many flowers.  We are loving this time in life.  Its hard and most some days I want to run away but it's also really, really sweet.  Barrett and AveryAnn really adore each other and we're just trying to soak it all up. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Barrett's First Ragball Game

I never thought I'd be wearing blue and cheering for Morris but here I am.  Barrett's first game was supposed to be Monday night but due to the rain was rescheduled for tonight.  It was a beautiful night to be at the park.  Our little team only had one official practice so we knew it was going to be a sight for sure.
Patrick and Barrett watched the team play before us so get a better feel for the game. 

Sister is usually in bed by 7:00 so the 6:45 game time was cramping her style a bit.
This was just half of his cheering section.  He was so funny watching everyone in the stands.  He could barely bat for looking in the crowd.
He is so proud of that uniform (Or costume as he first called it)

His first ever at bat.

Getting a pep talk from Daddy.  It was a fun first game.  He had fun and that's all that matters!  We're looking forward to the rest of the season!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


 I didn't intend to not blog this month it just happened.  We haven't done anything exceptionally exciting but I still want to record the memories.
When we got home from the beach Patrick decided we needed a propane cook stand to do our own shrimp boils at home.  So he got one.  AveryAnn enjoyed the corn the most.

The pot he got is huge and I have laughed and laughed at him.

Barrett had Spring pictures made at school.

They are way better than last years Spring pictures.

I spent entirely too much money.

This was St. Patrick's Day and we were so excited to get a good report from Grampy.

We had an impromptu play date that afternoon with Drake and Jackson.  It was a lot of fun!

The next day I got to go on the Fight for Rights tour with Red Clay Tours.  It was a great morning in the city.

The next day Patrick and Barrett (and AveryAnn) went to ride go carts to celebrate Uncle Patrick's birthday. 

Elizabeth and I (along with Jessica and Anna) went to see Beauty and the Beast.  It was so good.  I want to see it again in 3D.

The next week Aunt Elizabeth came on Friday night to hang out.  She's so good with my kids and Barrett adores her.  She brought popcorn and let Barrett help her pop it on the stove top.  He was so excited and still talks about it.
The next morning, Barrett and I were at Urgent Care for fever and sore throat.  We both had strep.  I was miserable.  Patrick took great care of us and AveryAnn and somehow they both escaped it.  Elizabeth was not so lucky.  I'm pretty sure she'll never hang out with us again.
This week was all over the place.  Wednesday this girl did not want to sleep.  I rocked her for the longest time and it was so sweet.  I guess she knew we both needed it.

Friday, I took both kids to the zoo by myself and it was so crowded.  We stayed maybe an hour and came back.

I'm pretty sure this is the last summer for matching smocks of any kind.  (I'm hoping I can still sneak some in here and there)  They looked so sweet.

I love those chunky legs!!

I found this baby picture of Patrick and I think he and AveryAnn look a lot alike. 

Today, Patrick had a side job to do and my brother John is still working a crazy long shut down so the kids and I picked up my mom and headed to Mass with Hope and Madelyn and then went to their house to let the kids play. 

They were so much fun and it was so nice to get to spend the afternoon with them.  I wish we lived closer  especially now that we have the girls so close in age.  They are really starting to interact and its so funny watching them.   We're ready for April!  Tomorrow is supposed to be Barrett's first ragball game.  We're hoping the weather doesn't mess things up!

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Weekend Away

Spring is always a little crazy around here.  Work gets busy and when work gets busy I feel like our whole life is chaos.  Add in Barrett playing ragball for the first time and I know it's going to be wild.  So before everything gets wound up Patrick and I decided to sneak away for a long weekend at our friends Tony and Carla's house.  My parents graciously agreed to keep the kids so we could enjoy the weekend just adults.  (I'm forever grateful to both sets of our parents who are always willing to keep our kids.  I know not everyone is so fortunate to have family around so I try not to take it for granted.)
We got there around 8:00 Friday night and headed straight to dinner.  I couldn't wait to eat some seafood!  After dinner we went to the Florabama to have a famous "Bushwacker".  While we were there this girl walked up and I knew I knew her from somewhere but could not put my finger on it.  She was five feet away from us most of the night.  I finally realized she was on Big Brother but I couldn't remember her name to save my life.  I couldn't remember which season she was on either.  I tried to google it and I couldn't come up with anything useful.  We decided to go to a different part of the bar and I finally remembered her name (Meg).  I was going to go back and talk to her but I never did.  I'm almost positive it was her.  Patrick went to close out his tab and he said when he walked by some guys were talking to her saying they recognized her.  I wish I would have said something to her but I didn't.
After that excitement we headed back to the house to hit the hay.

Saturday was supposed to be a beautiful day so we loaded up the boat and headed out.  Our first stop was the FloraBama (again) for (another) bushwacker.  Then we cruised all day.  We stopped for lunch at Pirates Cove.  It was a little cool out but it was a beautiful day!

Boys and their toys.

After lunch we headed to an island, parked the boat and hung out for the rest of the day!  The island is home to the abandoned Fort McRee.  It was abandoned before the civil war.  It was a neat place to explore.

I was so glad I took my real camera because I was able to grab some really beautiful images. 

After we spent some time exploring we had a campfire and watched the sunset.  It was so much fun and so cool.  Once the sun set, we made our way back to get the boat out of the water and find some dinner.
Sunday we got up and it was cool and cloudy and windy so we decided to hang out at the house.  We went out for lunch and then laid around and relaxed.  It was so nice.  We decided to do a shrimp boil for dinner and it was delicious.  We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and hanging out.  We were already dreading going home. 
We woke up this morning and got packed and headed home.  We were sad to leave but so excited to see the kids.  I'm so thankful that Patrick values time away just the two of us. We try to do this at least once a year.  I also try to let one of our parents keep the kids over night once a month or every other month.  Its good for the kids to spend the time with their grandparents and its good for us too.  We had the best time.  We'll never be able to thank Tony and Carla for the hospitality they show us each time we come visit.  I basically just invite myself down and they welcome us with open arms.  We can't wait to go see them again.