Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Review

We had a low key weekend at home.  Patrick's shift change has taken its toll on us.He and I have had some sort of sinus/cold mess that took us a few days to shake.  Everyone is feeling better now so hopefully this week will be better.
Saturday, while Patrick was at work, Barrett and I went to his cousins house for a get together with his aunts and girl cousins.  Barrett had a great time with his cousin Taylor.  Taylor is 10 or 11 and he held Barrett nearly the entire time we were there.  Barrett loved him he was laughing and smiling.  It was pretty sweet to see.

This was after we got home.  He was playing with tissue paper and so happy!

Saturday night we went to my parents house to visit with an old family friend and his family.  Of course I loved getting to introduce Barrett to them although the kids we were way more excited to meet Miss Ally.

Other accomplishments this weekend, included finding a spot for our new family picture and getting it on the wall.  I love it.  

Patrick finally finished this frame a few weeks ago and we got it on the wall too.  We moved the deer to the basement. Yay!

Is this not the cutest picture ever.  I just love it.  

Such a sweet boy.

Old man face!
This picture pretty much sums up how we feel about 2nd shift.

After church Sunday.  He did so good until the very end during announcements.  He got really loud and fussy.
He looked like a little old man today.  Those shorts are way to big on him and ride up under his armpits.  
Patrick kept him this morning and then brought him to me on his way to work.  I thought that may help him not be so bored with me in the afternoon...I was wrong.
Here's to a new week!

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