Monday, July 18, 2016

Life Lately

We've been relaxing and trying to stay cool around here lately.  It's usually this point in the summer that I start to be over it.  Everyone is kind of gearing up for back to school and it's so stinking hot.
I haven't been great at taking pictures lately, I haven't even gotten my big camera out of the bag in months.  I feel a little guilty that AveryAnn will pretty much only have cell phone pictures of her first few months. 
I have been able to catch some really sweet moments like this one though.  Barrett almost always gets in the floor and lays with AveryAnn while she's on a pallet. She adores him and I think the feeling is mutal.
He doesn't take naps often.  The timing just doesn't work most days.  I'm hoping this gets better when he goes to school in the fall.  Every now and then he'll fall asleep on the couch and this day was one of those times.  He didn't even finish his snack.
He has been so trying lately.  So all I really wanted was to go to WalMart alone but he cried so hard wanting to go with me, I had to let him tag along.  Then I feel bad because I know all he really wants is one on one time but it's so hard.  Then I feel bad because I feel like I blinked and AveryAnn is almost 5 months old and I feel like I'm missing her being a baby.
She's not a fan of tummy time. 
She is a fan of sucking her thumb.  Which I think is adorable (for now)
I finally got around to making her hospital door hanger into a bow holder.  Now we need more bows.
Cuddling again.
I can't get enough of those rolls.  She is just the happiest, smily-est, easiest baby.
This was after church yesterday.  She looked so sweet in this dress.  I was holding her and I couldn't help but think that she looked just like the daughter I always imagined myself having.  It was a little surreal.  She doesn't wear a ton of dresses because I just love bubbles so much so it was sweet to see her in this beautiful dress.  I tried to get a few pictures of her with my real camera but I wasn't successful.  So a phone picture will have to do.
That's just a little of what's been going on around here. 

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