Monday, May 29, 2017

15 Months

AveryAnn is 15 months old.  I can't even believe it!  She has changed so much the past few months.  She's busy and loud and adorable and we love her so very much!
We got a great report at her check up.
  • You weigh 24lbs 2oz. 
  • You're measuring 29.5" tall.
  • You're healthy and you'd never guess this time last year we were worried about you gaining weight.  
  • You wear mostly 18 month clothes.
  • Size 3 shoes although you rarely wear them.
  • Size 5 diapers and we're still going through 5-6 a day. 
  • You are eating three meals a day, you are very picky.  You prefer carbs.  You will eat chicken sometimes.  You're not a huge fan of fruits or vegetables.  We're not giving up though.
  • You love your milk and drink 24-30oz a day.  You also stole a sip of my sweet tea and really enjoyed it.  Now you try to drink anything I'm drinking out of a straw because you think it's sweet tea.
  • You're still a thumb sucker.
  • You're hair is light and wild.  It's coming in like crazy but it's still wild.
  • You have 8 teeth. 
  • You're still a great sleeper.  You sleep 12 hours at night.  You will sleep late in the morning to get your 12 hours.
  • You're transitioning to one nap.  If we're at home you'll sleep for 3 hours.  At work you only sleep for an hour. 
  • You're cruising around all the furniture.  You're taking a few steps here and there.  While we were at the lake for Memorial Day you took about 8 steps, several different times but you still would rather crawl everywhere.  I feel like in about a month you'll be walking full time.
  • You wave "bye bye" all the time.
  • You've said "mama", "dada", "Bubba", "Uh-Oh", "Hey", "doggie" and "ball" but the only ones you say consistently are "uh-oh" and "hey".   
You are so sweet.  If I tell people you've been fussy they just laugh at me because that usually means you whined for just a minute and then you were over it.  You think your brother hung the moon.  I hope you always love each other.  He can make you laugh like no one else.  I love getting to be your mommy so much!  I can't believe how fast you're growing and changing. So often I find myself caught between wanting to freeze time and waiting eagerly for your next milestone.  You are such a joy!

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