Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the air!

I have a love hate relationship with Valentines Day! I love my husband very much but I don't feel like we need a holiday to show our love! However I still expect some acknowlegement of the day simply because we (like most couples) don't make a point everyday to let the other know that we love and appreciate them. I hate Valentines Day because I feel like it is created to pressure us to buy crap that we don't need and are really just doing it to impress people! My husband has to go into work on Saturday night and will not get off until Monday morning so I have planned a "girls day" for Valentines day! My little sister is coming home from school and we are going to start the day off with pedicures, then some shopping, maybe some lunch and finally we will top it off with a girly movie at home in our pjs probably with some chocolate! I am so excited so spend time with my sister. I miss her so much. We shared a room for most of our lives and now that we live in different cities it makes me miss her so much.

I also think that friends are such an interesting concept. I consider myself to have a lot of friends. I think it is neat how some friends I can not talk to for months and it seems like we haven't skipped a beat. I think a friend is someone you have shared a significant point of your life with. And most of them are a friend for life! Significant can be anything you want: first loves, getting your drivers license, graduating from high school then from college, losing a loved one, or gaining a loved one. I have people that I dont' see on a regular basis but if they needed something I would do whatever I could to help them and I hope that they know that!

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