Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Mesnick You are an idiot!

Okay I'm a little embarrassed of my need to talk about the bachelor but there are many things that I feel the need to address.

First of all when you are given two choices you are almost always going to wonder about the one you didn't choose. You have to make a decision to not let that ruin the choice you did make. As much as you want to blame your "heart" you decide if you follow.

Second of all Molly you are not very smart. Jason obviously has issues (maybe you do too). If he told Melissa he wanted to give her the world then chose to not try to work out his feelings how do you know he isn't going to run from you the minute he doesn't feel "right" about the relationship! I don't know how anyone could believe anything he says!

Thirdly, I think Melissa had an idea of what was going to happen because she was very defensive from the moment she stepped out on stage. While I really like Melissa I'm not sure she is completely without issues. However, I think she has a better grasp of reality and what it takes to make a relationship work. I think Ty may be more mature than Jason. Is Jason going to go back to Melissa when Molly doesn't but him ahead of her career?

Finally, my favorite quote of the night (besides Melissa calling Jason a bastard) was "Don't follow your heart, Lead it!" wise words from Deanna. I bet she is glad she didn't choose him after last night too. I hope she and Ace (from The Real World Paris) are happy together and I think that they are!

I think ABC made a very big mistake with all this because the way I will ever watch this saga again is if Melissa is the bachelorette and even then it won't be without reservations. Which I'm sure she will be the next bachelorette because ABC knows people are pissed! I am very disappointed in ABC, Jason and myself for getting so involved.

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Brittany said...

I'm done with this crap!

I am not going to watch the show anymore until it's over and a few months have passed and I know that it will or won't work out.

I think Melissa handled it greatly! I wanted to punch him in the face when she told him that she only gets to get engaged the first time, once. And he took that from her! Jerk!