Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Well here in Alabama snow is a rarity! We get so excited to see even a flurry so when there is accumulation of any amount it requires all day news coverage! This was the first time it had snowed and accumulated since Patrick and I got married. I was so excited...he wasn't really. He had to work all night Saturday night so he was tired and not really in the mood. But I managed to drag him out of bed to go outside. Once he was awake he was glad he was out there. We had a snowball fight and took the dogs out. Sam liked it the most he would catch snowballs when we threw them at him. Gracie didn't hate it but she'd rather be inside where it is warm. Ally hated it while the snow was actually falling but once it quit falling she loved it. I love the way I feel like a kid at just the thought of snow. She was just running and jumping in it at Mom and Dads!

She was happy to be back inside!

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