Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow! What a Weekend!

My sister-in-law has been out of town since Friday for a funeral. Which means it has taken my brother, mother, father, and I to make sure all four of their kids have been fed, bathed, and got where they needed to be all weekend. She is coming home tomorrow! Thank God! I don't know if we could do it another day!

Which I've been lucky because I've mostly just had the two older ones! Saturday we started at 9:30 at the soccer fields! I stayed for one game because I got a call from my mother (who had the two babies one is 2years and one is 10 months) that she needed my help to get both of them to the Magnolia Festival. Also Ally was going to be competing in the Pooch Parade so we also had her! So my mother, Porter, Harper, Ally and I loaded up the car and headed to the festival. My dad was already there working so we knew we'd have a little help once we got there. I was just worried we'd never get there! It was tough. I have a whole new respect for mothers and I question my ability to ever be a good one! Once we got there it did calm down and was easier.
Ally was voted the "Peoples Choice" and we couldn't be prouder even if my mom and aunt were the only two that voted who knows how many times!
Ava enjoying her post game snack!

Ally Bama at the Magnolia Festival!Harper Claire enjoying her ride at the Magnolia Festival! Porter on the Fire Truck!

We went to church Saturday night so we could sleep late Sunday morning and go to Tuscaloosa because my younger brother and sister were competing in a "green" putt putt hole at Earth Fest. They built a putt putt hole out of recycled materials! It was so neat! They won "Most Innovative" and $250. Of course the have to split it 6 ways because there were so many on the team! We were so excited! Mom and I took Ava and Drew because we thought they'd enjoy playing the holes! On Our way home we were kinda between storms and saw the most incredible rainbow. It was the brightest one I've ever seen!
Team USA Ball Washing Bull Dancers The theme was "Friday Nights in T-Town"

Then I kept Drew and Ava again so that I could take them to school this morning. I got them both bathed and the weather was bad and they didn't want to watch James Spann so they went to bed. They woke themselves up this morning (which is awesome because I used to have to be pulled out of bed by my hair!). We all got where we needed to be on time! I was proud of myself! Now I just have to pick them both up from school one at 11:30 the other at 3:00! I'm looking forward to my night alone! I deserve it!

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