Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sisters beach trip!

Last Wednesday my sister and I hit the road for a little r & r! We went to Panama City Beach for a few days! The weather was beautiful, the water was clear and warm, and there were really no crowds! I guess we beat the end of school rush! These are just a few photos from the trip! We got lost on the way down there which was pretty funny to us since we have been to the same place every spring since we can remember!

The sunset was the prettiest the day we got down there!
Now Patrick and I are puppy sitting for his brothers family while they are at the beach! We are keeping their toy poodle that is about 16 weeks old! It has been fun having a puppy around again! She and Ally have played a lot! I think they are going to miss each other when she goes Bella goes back home on Friday! That's all for now!

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