Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Summertime!

This week all I have thought about was summer time! The air smells of summer and the end of school. I miss that feeling of accomplishment on the last day of school when you walk through the doors knowing you've completed yet another year. I love to ride in the car with the windows down and the radio up! When I think of summer I also think of the lake. When I was younger we tried to spend every weekend at the family lake cabin. This summer hopefully Patrick and I will get to spend a few Sunday afternoons up there! (His schedule at work just changed and now he is off on Sunday and Monday instead of Tuesday and Wednesday) Our big dogs love it up there and will spend every minute in the lake. Sam will chase anything you throw into the water!

This time next week I will be kicking off the summer with my sister at the beach. We are taking a sisters trip for a few days just to get away. I can't wait. I hate going with out Patrick but we have so many weddings and things this year that he has to ask off for that he can't use his off days for this trip! This is my sisters last summer as she is going into her senior year at Alabama! She is trying to get an internship. So hopefully that will work out for her.

I'm so excited for this summer because I will be taking two photography classes at Samford one night a week for about 10 weeks. One class is 5 weeks and the other will start the day after the first one ends. I am so happy to finally be doing this. I've been talking about it for months and I am actually going to get to do it! I love taking pictures and to get to learn more about how to do it and how to do it well thrills me to death! I'll will be posting about what I am learning.

My favorite summer memories are 1) Cheerleading camp! I hated it at the time but love the awesome memories I've taken away from it. 2)Everything about the lake but especially sitting on the deck eating grilled hamburgers enjoying the afternoon air. 3)Loading up the buick and heading to Panama City Beach and finally 4) My birthday!

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