Monday, April 2, 2012

Books, Art and Golf...Oh My!

I've had a busy week and weekend.  Mostly fun stuff!  I tend to plan a bunch of stuff all at one time, it never fails.  This past week was one of our busier weeks at work.  I worked late everyday, very not like me.  Some friends and I have been throwing around the idea of a book club so Friday I decided to have everyone over to discuss the topic further.  I wish I had taken more pictures everything looked so cute.  I think we're going to have a great group. We chose our first title and set the date so I'm really excited.

This was the centerpiece.  I love tulips!

Saturday, I planned a little adventure for Kristen's birthday.  We were headed to Atlanta to the High Museum of Art for the Picasso to Warhol exhibit.  Followed by a little trip to IKEA.
This sweet face greeted me when I got in the car Saturday morning.
The guest list for this adventure included me, Kristen, Lorie, Ellie, my mom and our fearless leaders Mr. & Mrs. Kreider.  We all piled in the Kreider's car and headed toward Atlanta.  I'm not going to go into details but it was a car ride I won't soon forget. 
We finally made it and it was worth the trip.  It was amazing to see these famous works of art that I've seen and read about in textbooks.  We decided to take Ellie's picture with some of the pieces.  She's thrilled, can't you tell. 

All the world famous art and she's still our favorite photo subject.

I can't remember this guys name but it was neat.

This was one of our favorite pieces by James Pollack.

I also loved this one by Jasper Johns.

Then we got to the Warhol.  I was so excited because there are few pieces of art I can identify.  (I know that's sad but it's true.) 

This was probably my favorite piece in the whole museum.  My mom crochets so we thought this was so neat.

We had to get a picture of the four of us.  Ellie was pooped. 

Today, I only worked half a day because I volunteered to snap some pictures at the Katie Burkett Memorial Golf Tournament.  It is such a fun event.  As far as the game of golf goes...I don't know how they see where the balls land.  Plus, how do you know for sure which ball is yours when you get down there?  Anyway, I can get behind drinking beer and enjoying gorgeous weather but the actual game, not so much.
This was my post for the afternoon.

The highlight of the afternoon for me would be meeting Cory Reamer.  He played on the 2009 National Championship team.  He let us try on his ring.  Just a super, super nice guy.
Needless to say, after a fairly busy few days I'm pooped!

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