Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday & Sunday

After book club on Friday I had to rest up for the rest of the weekend festivities.
Saturday, we had Porter's 5th birthday party.  How is this baby boy 5 years old.

He is the sweetest child.  He wanted a monster truck cake (much like the 3 previous years) and Mom got a truck that worked with a track that he also got.  He told Nana thank you with out having to he prompted.  (much like he did on Christmas when I got him the chainsaw).
He wanted to ride big wheels and have a bounce house so that's what we did.

Unfortunately, he crashed on his first run.  He scraped his arm pretty good but was still a pretty happy camper.

Even Grandmother bounced with the birthday boy.  I love celebrating with my family.  These kids bring us all so much joy and I really can't imagine life without them.

After the party Patrick took a quick nap and  then we headed to some friends house to hang out.  A fun night for sure!
I missed this girl!  I haven't seen her since we dropped out of boot camp.  We're starting back though.
Sunday I headed to church, then hung around to snap some pictures for a friend's baby's baptism. 
Here are a few shots...

Gigi's cupcakes made an appearance at the after party, I got to try the lemon poppy seed and champagne.  Both were delicious.  Actually they were two of the best ones I've had.
It was a busy but beautiful weekend!  Now on to one of the busiest weeks at work. 

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