Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Changes

When Patrick was 16 he got his "dream car".  It was a beautiful bright red 1998 Z71 pickup truck.  Brand new, it had 8 miles on it.  He had bagged groceries at the local Delchamps and saved enough money for a down payment and his parents helped him.  He bagged a lot of grocerices to get to drive ole red and he couldn't have been more proud.  I remember him bringing it to my house to show my older brother and I thought he was so cool. I also thought cheoreographed trampoline routines to Celine Dion were cool, I was 12 what did I know.  Never in a million years did I think he'd be taking me out on dates or that he would ask me to be his wife in that truck.  So it's funny how something so special to him eventually became something sorta special to me too.  I think that was his plan all along :)
Washing his new truck when he was just a 16 year old baby ;)

Well some 250,000 miles later, Red wasn't running quite like she used too.  We've been fortunate that nothing major has had to be repaired but all the little things were starting to add up.  It was time for a new ride.  I knew Patrick really wanted a new truck but I could tell he just wasn't ready to give this one up yet.  The final straw was a few weeks ago he was trying to leave work, it was raining and the windshield wipers would not come home.  He sat there for a good 30 minutes waiting for them to decide to work so he could get home.  I think it was the next weekend he drug me all over central Alabama looking at trucks.  He had been researching them online for months and was sure he knew what he wanted. 

Finally, he wanted me to go to yet another dealership and I said I'm not going unless you're buying a truck. I was tired of looking at hundreds of the same things on different lots. So we went and he did it.

He found his new "dream car" and it is beautiful.

2012 GMC Sierra Crew Cab, this one had 12 miles on it.  It has a few more bells and whistles than his old ride.  Sunroof, XM, heated/cooled seats just to name a few.  He is smitten.  I have to admit, I love it too.  

Posing in the same driveway he brought red home too.
We still have old red, she's sitting in our front yard, like a monument to the last 16 years of Patrick's life.  I'm hoping we can at least move the monument to the back yard, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

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