Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Review...Its September!!!

We've had a fun low key weekend.  We're adjusting to Patrick's new shift.  It's not quite as seamless as I was thinking it would be but we're making the most of it.  
Daddy working night shift does have its perks.  He brought us donuts Saturday morning and Barrett was a fan for sure.  The {empty} box has been sitting on the counter waiting to go out with the trash and he keeps going to it and signing for more.  He gets very mad when I tell him there are no more.
We played around the house Saturday morning while doing laundry and other chores.  Barrett went down for a nap right as the Bama game was coming on.  It was pretty much over in the 1st quarter.  
We had a fun afternoon playdate planned with a bunch of our little friends.  We met up at Froggy's and these boys had a blast! We had 7 boys 4 and under (5 under 2).  We had the place to our selves and it was nice.  Of course Barrett was scared at first and he didn't really want to get out of my arms.  He eventually warmed up and enjoyed it.  We went down the big slide.  I'm not sure if Barrett liked it or not.  We played for a little over an hour and wore the boys out.  We came home and ordered pizza and hung out at home.  Patrick watched the Auburn game and I watched "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.  It was pretty funny!
Sunday we got up and Patrick wasn't feeling good so Barrett and I headed to Mass without him.  Barrett wore his victory Bama bubble.  He looks so big.  I told my Dad and Brother that I don't know how much longer he's going to be able to pull off the bubble.  I can't take how fast he's growing up.  
After church we went to lunch at mom and dad's house and then to John and Hope's house to celebrate Hope's nephew's first birthday.  It was a fun day with family.  We're gearing up for another week.  I don't want to wish the time away but we have some fun things coming up at the end of September that I can't wait for!!!  It's going to be a good fall!  I love this time of year.

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