Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend

We kicked off Easter weekend Saturday morning by heading to church for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  Only we didn't get the memo that it started an hour earlier this year so we got there and it was over. 

So we stopped by the park to let Barrett play for a little while before we headed to my grandmothers for lunch.
Barrett was riding this power wheels my grandmother got for him. He was having fun as long as Porter was far away on the go cart.
Mom holding the babies.  Before my sister left she nicknamed them "Annie & Frannie" and it's kind of stuck. (Madelyn is Madelyn Frances that's where Frannie comes from).  We laughed because for two weeks I've been complaining that AveryAnn never sleeps and she slept pretty much the entire weekend. 
Barrett and Harper had a blast digging all the leaves out of the pond.
Love this picture of my girl.
As you can tell the Horton kids were very excited to have their picture made.
We took entirely too many pictures of the girls but I just can't help but. This time last year Hope and I were both hurting after we both had miscarriages and praying we would both have babies.  Here we are a year later with our girls that are 6 weeks apart and I'm so thankful we were blessed with these babies.

Swapping babies! 
Told you we took entirely too many pictures.
Love this one of AveryAnn with my Grandmother.
The first of many matching outfits this summer.  
The Easter bunny came to our house and dropped off two baskets this year! 

AveryAnn's first Easter! 

I was able to convince brother to get in a picture.
I just wanted one family picture. 

One of us was not having it.

Real life with a toddler I guess.

More pictures of Annie & Frannie

Matching babies again!  I bought these outfits before AveryAnn was born and I've been counting down the days for them to wear them.

Barrett was taking pictures.

Love these sweet monogrammed bloomers. I didn't realize all the accessories girls required.

Love my sweet girl! (I love my sweet boy too but he was not having his picture made.) 
Sunday was our first day back to Mass as a family of four at our church.  (We went last week but we were at my uncles church).  It went pretty good.  Barrett was a little loud but the baby did great!

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