Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week Two

To kick off AveryAnn's second week Patrick had to go back to work for two days.  These were his last two shifts at that job and he had to go so our insurance would cover us for the next month.  My mom came to stay with me so she could help with Barrett.  I was so thankful.  Barrett was in heaven with all he grandparent love.

Love that sweet bow!

 Monogrammed baby! 

Monogrammed big boy!

Sweet morning snuggles with my babies.  Barrett has been a little jealous when I'm holding and feeding the baby so I try to let him sit with us as much as possible. 

One day Brittany came and got him and took him and Caleb to chick-fil-A to play. He was so happy to get out of the house. 
I love this picture.  Miss bright eyes didn't want to sleep but she sure was cute.

A beautiful spring day we had to get out and enjoy it.  Barrett loves playing ball.  Hopefully next year he can play for real.

Selfie with my babies.  I can't get enough of them. 
I was trying to take a picture of her first bow clipped in her hair but all I could see was her cheeks! 
Love that sweet smile!

My dad played chauffeur for the last week I couldn't drive because Patrick had started work at his new job. I'm so thankful for everyone that helped us especially helping with Barrett.  He was my biggest concern and I think he transitioned easily thanks to all the help we had. 

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