Thursday, February 9, 2017


In an attempt to post more I'm going to add a little life update.  I feel like we're busy all the time but we're never really doing anything.  I guess that's life with small kids.

We are LOVING our swingset and back yard!! Santa knew what he was doing this year.  We play nearly every afternoon.  We've had such a mild winter and it's been so nice.

We all pile in the clubhouse and wait for Daddy to get home.

A few years ago we had the bright idea to pull up all our shrubs in the our front yard.  We keep saying we're going to do something but have been putting it off.  We're having AveryAnn's birthday party here in a couple of weeks so I asked Patrick if we could please clean out the flower beds and at least put some mulch down.  We started cleaning them out Saturday, then my dad called to tell us they had some shrubs on sale at Lowes one thing led to another and we ended up planting about 16 bushes. 

My dad came and helped us plant them and Barrett was so excited to help. 
He needed gloves but didn't want to get them dirty. 
Doing some tractor work. 
Telling Granddaddy what to do. 
Donut Friday! 
Everyone's favorite day!
Barrett started running a low fever Saturday night and had a terribly snotty nose so I decided I should probably take him to the dr Monday. He looked like such a big boy waiting to have his finger pricked.  And he insists on wearing his shoes on the wrong feet.  I'm glad I took him in, turns out he has strep.
He fell asleep in our bed.

We stayed home most of the day Tuesday to recover.  He didn't act sick at all but we got to watch some movies while sister slept.  He went back to school Wednesday and I went back to the doctor with AveryAnn.  Turns out her ears never really cleared up from last month.  She's feeling better today though.  We're excited tomorrow is Friday!  We've got big plans this weekend to clean house and start getting things ready for AveryAnn's birthday party next weekend.  I can't believe she's almost one.

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