Friday, November 25, 2011

Volunteer weekend

"The Third Saturday in October"
October 22 we headed to Tuscaloosa to take on Rocky Top.  Tennessee is terrible so we weren't expecting much of a game.  I honestly don't remember much of the game.  We had a good time.  I do remember that!  We won, I remember that also.
We started the day with mimosas, like we do most every gameday.
I don't remember what we ate but I'm sure it was good.  I think it was chili. 
John, Hope and Bentley. Aren't they precious!
Pre-game photo shoot.  I title this one "Self-portrait".
Liz on the porch
Amy so happy to go to the game with me!
Mom, the Doggy sitter extraordinaire.  They love her! 
Sisters before the game.
Siblings.  Amy and I ended up leaving our seats after we splashed a drink on the man in front of us and I thought we were going to get in a fight with his wife.  She was so mad and it barely got on him.  These people have not liked me since the first day I sat in these seats.  I like to cheer, a lot and loudly.  They didn't appreciate it ever.  Funny thing is this game I was cheering at one point and the woman turned around and told me she just loved my energy.  I thought we were finally making progress then the drink happened and we were back to square one.  So after all that we decided to go find my little brother and sister in the student section and sit with them. 
To start the fourth quarter we decided to head down to Dad's seats.  This was our group shot after Rammer Jammer.  So happy!
Amy and I trying to pose with our victory cigars.  I couldn't do it and look cool so this is the best it gets.
Babo and Papa!  I love them!
The boys and Liz with Bullets infamous sign of the week! After the game we decided to head to the Houndstooth. We watched a football game at the bar, I think it was Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Can't remember for sure but it was an upset.
I love these girls.

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