Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Randoms, Let's catch up!

Our sweet Amy is embarking on quite the adventure!  She's moving to Alaska to be a nurse.  We're going to miss her so much!  She came to lunch to bid the Maxwell family farewell.  Of course I had to get her picture with Barrett.  I've always wanted to visit Alaska, I'm excited to have an excuse to go now!

Patrick went to walmart after work one day and came home with a play mat for Barrett.  Ally thinks it's for her.  When he's laying on it she usually takes one of her toys over to play on it.

Last week we started putting Barrett in his crib for naps and bedtime.  So far he's done pretty well.  He's not really sleeping any longer at night but it's been good getting into more of a night time routine.

This picture of Porter and Barrett melts my heart.  It is priceless, one of my favorite cousins pictures!

Porter and Barrett were napping and Grandaddy pretended to be asleep too!

I'm trying to get better about blogging.  We've been going through an adjustment phase where Barrett will only nap while being held or sometimes in his car seat after we've ridden somewhere.  I'm getting better about putting him down to cry but it's so hard.  I think it's a growth spurt because he's been eating every two hours during the day and one night.  He's usually been going 3 hours.  So hopefully we'll get this figured out soon!

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