Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Wedding

I'm finally getting around to sharing about the wedding.  It was beautiful!  I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures.  I can't wait to see what the photographer captured.  She was so much fun and easy to work with.  Hope was the easiest most laid back bride.  (Luckily all the weddings I've been in have been this way, no certain shoes or hair and makeup.  Perfection)  She was getting ready at the church and said we could all get ready there or on our own.  My sister and I opted to have our glam squad meet us at the church so we could all get ready together. I seriously have the best friends in the world.  Brittany offered to come and help my sister and me with our hair and makeup and I'm so glad she did. (Lorie jumped in to watch Barrett when we needed a last minute baby sitter and Kristen has been my gym buddy and constant listener!  So thankful for each of them!) We looked fabulous all thanks to our "glam squad" (Brittany)!  After a couple hours of hair and makeup it was time for pictures! 
I seriously felt so pretty!
My glam squad.  
 Before Hope was ready John arrived and I went over to the church to see him.  He was so cute.  He just smiled and smiled!  I was so glad I got to have those few minutes with him before the chaos of the day began.  It was then when I realized he had on white socks with his tux, bless his heart.  We had to text dad to bring him some black socks.  Pictures went by fairly quickly and then we had some time to kill before the wedding.  Barrett was in a mood all afternoon. We thought maybe his ears were hurting so Patrick and I ran to the CVS to get some children's tylenol.  He seemed to be better after that.  
A car selfie
Killing time.
We decided at the last minute to go to 5:00 Mass so we wouldn't have to go Sunday morning.  It was Mom, sister, Mark and John & Hope.  It was a  nice time together before the wedding.  (Hope had changed our of her dress)
I didn't bring my camera over to the church and I so wished I had.  I took this one of Mark and John after Mass.  I love these boys.
While the guests were arriving we were in the cry room.  Barrett hung out with us until Patrick's parents got there to watch him.  He was all smiles at this point and so so so cute!
The sweet bride with her Godson.
I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of John and Hope with Barrett.  

These are the only two pictures I took with my real camera all day.  This one you've already seen.

And this one is pretty cute.  This boy loves strawberries.
Patrick's parents took Barrett home after the dances.  My mom wanted the Mother/Son dance to turn into a family dance so Barrett hung around for that.  It was a really sweet moment.  We danced and ate and just had the best time.  The food was amazing.  (Happy Catering Company if your in Birmingham)  The cakes were beautiful and delish.  My parents had the grooms cake made to look like John's truck and it was perfect. (wish I had a picture) (Posh cake design did them both).  
Before we knew it the bouquet had been tossed and bubbles blown and they were own their way.  It seemed like it was all over so fast.  I knew it would because my own wedding was the same way.  Their flight wasn't until later in the afternoon Sunday so they came and ate lunch at my mom and dads.  I got to take them to the airport, which I know didn't seem like much to them but I was so excited.  It was the first time I got to hear exactly what they thought about the whole day without anyone to interrupt them.  They were so sweet and cute talking about the whole weekend.  It was fun.  Before I knew it they were climbing out grabbing their luggage.
Sweet newlyweds headed to Disney World!

Then on the way back to get Barrett I saw this really cute couple walking in the neighborhood.  They made me smile.  
When I got back to my parents house Elizabeth and Clay were there getting Champ so I was happy I got to see them since they won't been home again till Easter. She was loving on Barrett before they left and I told her the next time she sees him he'll be walking.  And then I started crying. 
It was such a beautiful weekend.  I know I've said it a million times but I am so happy for them.  They are such a fun, loving couple.  I'm so happy for our family to gain another daughter, sister and aunt.  It's been a fun few years in the Maxwell family, hopefully the fun never ends.

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I just had to read this post again! It's perfect! We love you.