Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Review

We had another low key, relaxed weekend.  We had nothing planned and it was so nice. I wanted to get some things done around the house.
My main goal was to get my closet under control.  It has been a disaster for months.  I have been living out of hamper baskets because I didn't have any more room.

This is the before.
The bassinet had become a make shift dresser.
This was during the process.
And the after.  You can't really tell but it is about a thousand times better. 
I spent the rest of the afternoon opening my closet door and enjoying the view.
After we put Barrett to bed we put the final coat of paint on the built in shelving downstairs.  Hopefully, we'll get it all put together soon.

Sunday, Barrett and I went to church while Patrick helped put in a new hot water heater at my parents house.  They were at the beach but we hung out there all afternoon.
He always gets this little wine bottle out to play with.  It makes me laugh every time.

Brushing the little ducky's teeth

Sharing a snack with Ally.

I love that the days are longer and I can feel Spring coming.  

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