Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

We had a full weekend to celebrate Easter.

After the 5K we all headed to my Grandmother's house for lunch.  It was all delicious as usual and we enjoyed the afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful weather.
This was Barrett's first time with the eggs.  He had no interest in finding them for his basket.  He only wanted to hold, throw or chew on them.  I just loved his cute little bunny shirt.

We left there and headed home for naps.  We went to the Easter Vigil Mass because Hope was coming into the church.  It's a really long Mass (2 hours 45 minutes) so the boys stayed home while I went to support Hope.  I'm so excited for her.  

The Easter bunny came.  We try to keep things low key for holidays and gifts.  I want to celebrate and I love the tradition and fun but I don't want Easter to be about the bunny.  So Barrett got mostly practical things.  2 swimsuits, new training silverware, crayons, goldfish and yogurt melts.

Barrett was so excited about his new swimsuits.

And his yogurt puffs

We got ready and went to Mass as a family of three.  It was a bit of a disaster.  We sat in the church at first and Barrett had a meltdown and we realized it was either going to be one of us standing in the  back while the other sat in church (which defeats the point of going to Mass together) or we should just sit in the cry room as a family, so that's what we did.  We decided from now on we'd rather have the loud kid in church than brave that room again. (For the record most of the kids aren't bad, but when you get several moody toddlers in one room for an hour and a half trying to keep them semi quite, it's exhausting.)

We left church and headed to my mom and dad's house for lunch.  Barrett's a lucky boy because he got an Easter basket at both of his grandparents house.

Dad sat him on this pedestal and he wasn't sure what to think about it.

My sweet little family.  I am so thankful for these boys.  They make life worth living.

Second outfit of the day.  Harper wanted to hide eggs for him.

Once again he wasn't really interested.

All the grands at Mom & Dad's house.

After lunch we headed home to take naps and then we headed to Patrick's parents house for dinner.  Before we ate the kids had an egg hunt.  Here's a picture of all the grands at Patrick's parents' house.

It was such a fun and exhausting day.  I love being with our families but I hate getting off our nap schedule.  We are trying to wind down and get ready for the week.  It's our busiest week of the year at Signs of Sophie so we've got to hit the ground running tomorrow.
Happy Easter from the Horton House!

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