Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Review (Alternate title...iPhone photos of Barrett)

We've had a nice weekend!  The weather has be beautiful.  We've tried to enjoy it as much as we could before the severe weather gets here.  Here's a few pictures to catch you up.
Thursday after his bath, Barrett tried on his swimsuit for the summer.  I thought he looked particularly adorable.
Friday I went to get my nails done and took Barrett with me.  He did so good.  He ate his snack and visited with the other ladies.  Thankfully none of them seemed to mind.  He even stopped when I told him not to clean off the coffee table.
We had dinner on the deck.  It was fun and I think we both enjoyed it.
Saturday we went to the Magnolia Festival.  We do the signs for the festival so it's always fun seeing our work.  I missed the last few years so it was fun to get to go this year.
After the Magnolia Festival we to my brothers house for Porter's 7th birthday.  I can't believe that boy is 7 years old. Barrett had a blast playing in the ice.
Today Patrick got up super early to pick up his fun new "toy".  Barrett and I went to Mass then to lunch at my parents house.
They finally got it in the basement and Patrick couldn't be more thrilled.  I'll admit it is pretty cool.  Patrick says he's always wanted his own coke machine since he saw the movie "Big" in the '80's.  
It's been a beautiful weekend.  I'm loving these warm sunny days.  We're preparing for some severe weather tomorrow and Tuesday.  I so hope it doesn't get bad but I've invited my basement-less friends over just in case.  I'll be just like college (plus two kids and a two poodles.)

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