Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Review

I'll start with Thursday since it's been a sweet forever since I posted.
Barrett is really into books finally.  Well he really just likes pulling them off the shelf but we read a few too.  This is our bedtime routine.   Patrick reads while Barrett is eagerly waiting to turn each page.
Actually this was Wednesday night.  It was after bath time and Barrett and I both needed some fresh air so we headed out.  It was a beautiful night.  We watched the cows on the other side of the neighborhood.
Thursday we had a fun play date with Drake. We met at the soccer fields so Anna and I could walk on the track.  Barrett took a quick nap in the stroller then we let them swing for a while and finally ended up on a blanket in the grass. 
Luckily, Anna is a good mom and brought the boys a snack to share.  Barrett enjoyed that. 
These pictures crack me up because Drake is 6 months younger than Barrett but they are the same size. They play really well together when Barrett isn't trying to tackle him.  It was a fun afternoon of much needed mom conversation.
Barrett was cracking me up Saturday at lunch.  I gave him some cheese and crackers.  He took one or two bites out of EVERY cracker.  Then he looked at me like he wanted more.
Saturday night we went to John & Hope's house to eat hamburgers for Hope's birthday.  We took Barrett's car because we don't have a level place for him to ride it at our house.  He had a ball.
Sunday after Mass I took his picture in front of the blooming azaleas at Mom and Dad's house.  Barrett hung out with them while I went home and did housework  took a nap. 

Today we were supposed to meet with our service coordinator to get Barrett's therapy plan mapped out but she had to cancel due to the stomach virus.  So we enjoyed the morning with Daddy and then headed to work.

We got to work late so Barrett ate lunch then he went to sleep and slept for 3 hours!!!  It was much needed because I have so much work to do this week.  I had to get a picture of his little feet.  For some reason when I looked over at him sleeping so sweetly I was just overcome with emotion.  Something about watching him sleep so peacefully.  I love him so much it feels like my heart could explode.  I think the fact he started walking this weekend really made me realize how fast time is passing.  He is not quite a full time walker yet but he is definitely walking more than crawling.
Patrick rotated to second shift today so our routine looks a little different.  We are looking forward to Easter this weekend and spending lots of time with family.

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