Thursday, August 18, 2016

First Day of 3K

Tuesday, Barrett started 3K at a new school.  He was excited and a little nervous.  I knew he would be ok once he got there and saw his friends but all the way there he kept saying "don't drop me off Mommy."  It broke my heart.  Also this is the first time he's going all day. 
All smiles before we left the house. 

Love that sweet cheese face.

Luckily, We saw Cruz just as we walked in and then Jackson so he had his buddies.  He walked right in his classroom and I took off so that he would hopefully be ok. 
I should have finished this post Tuesday because it has been down hill from there...
When I picked him up they said he had a hard time falling asleep for naptime but he did eventually fall asleep and did good.  Well, Cruz told his mommy that Barrett cried and cried at naptime.  I had forgotten to tell them that his bear was in his backpack and he was upset because he didn't have it.  He seemed like he enjoyed his day.  Wednesday morning he tells me he doesn't want to go to school.  All the way there he tells be not to drop him off.  We see Jessica and Jackson in the parking lot and walk in together and he seems fine until we get to his classroom and they have to peel him off of me. 
I pick him up and they said he did better at naptime and had a good day.  He is so happy when I pick him up but he's already telling me he doesn't want to go back.  Last night he would not go to sleep because he was so worried about going to school.  He finally went to sleep around 11:00 and he got up and got dressed but cried the whole morning.  We run into Jessica and Jackson in the parking lot again and walk in together.  Jackson gets right in line with his class and Barrett loses it.  Since Jackson is fine and gets right in line, Jessica takes the baby back to my car while I drag Barrett to his classroom.  The teacher once again peels him off of me as he's screaming.  I quickly walked away.  Today, I too am bawling.  It was awful.  I could hear him screaming down the hall "don't leave me!"  Several of the sweet teachers and friends stopped to hug me and tell me he's just fine.  It's all normal and he does great once he calms down.  But it still kills me to leave him so upset.  They said it usually takes kids 2 or 3 weeks before its better.  That's 6 more drop offs.  I'm not looking forward to it but I'm trying to keep my anxieties in check so he doesn't feed off me.  I want to encourage him to go out and not be afraid.   I want him to love school and be okay when I leave him where I know he's safe and he's going to have fun.  It's preschool, not prison. 

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