Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Disney World- Epcot

I'd never been to Epcot but I'd researched it a lot and I had big plans to get reckless with my snack credits.  Also the number one thing that everyone said was you have to ride Soarin'.  Several people listed it as their number one favorite ride (both people in real life and on the internet).  I was really looking forward to this day.
We slept in a little.  Several people said it wasn't really a full day park so we took our time getting there.  (this is the one day I would do differently if we had the chance to redo it.) I would have gotten there at rope drop and planned to stay all day long.  I also would have done the fast passes a little differently. 

Our first fast pass was to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.  Again we weren't really sure how Barrett would react so we went in with low expectations.
And then this happened.  He ran right up to him and gave him the biggest hug.
And this is where I had my ugly cry moment.   
I also love that his bear is in all these pictures too.

I was trying not to cry, while smiling.  Not the best picture face.

I wasn't sure if we would get any pictures of just AveryAnn with the characters.  But Mickey knelt down and the photographer told Patrick to sit her in his lap and it was so perfect.   
And then when I thought it couldn't get any more perfect, Barrett sat in there with them. 
It was so sweet!! 
Then we met Goofy and I had to fight tears again. 
I just love the character interaction. 

Minnie is my favorite and Barrett was smitten with her too.

AveryAnn was trying to grab her nose.

After we met the characters we went to Turtle Talk with Crush and it was really cute.  Then we rode the Nemo ride, it was really neat.  We spent some time walking through aquarium and then we set out to find some lunch.  We walked all over the world showcase and finally settled on China for a quick lunch.  Okay that's not the whole story... we thought we wanted a quick lunch in Italy but it turns out Italy doesn't have a quick service restaurant.  So while we're standing in Italy trying to decide what to eat, it starts pouring.  And it's not your typical florida, it'll be over quickly downpour.  So we debate about what to do.  We finally decide to poncho up and head to china.  It worked out perfectly.  About the time we were finished with lunch the rain had stopped and we finished our day in the sauna.
(i'm pretty sure my timeline is off because we made two passes around the world showcase)

The other thing that I really wanted to do in Epcot that I'd read about was the "pick a pearl" thing in Japan.  You go in and pick an oyster and they open it and you get to keep the pearl. 
Here we are choosing our oyster.  I'd read to choose the ugliest one for a better pearl. 

It was a fun little "show" she made us count down in Japanese and then she opened our oyster.
She opened it and her eyes got big.  I was so excited...

She said "You are very lucky, because you got two pearls!"

They are the same size and are going to make perfect earrings.  I was so excited.
AveryAnn had pooped on her other outfit.

After this we headed to Norway for our Frozen Ever After fastpass.
I'm not a fan of the tiered fast pass system at Epcot and Hollywood studios, I understand why it's necessary but it makes things a little tricky.  (If I had realized how to take advantage of the rider swap system I would have totally done it).  We had fast passes for turtle talk, character meet and greet and Frozen Ever After.  No Soarin', I just knew we would be able to get one later in the day after we used our 3.  I was wrong.

Here we are on Frozen.  Jackson fell asleep in the stroller so Jessica stayed back with him.

Our plans were to go back to the room after Frozen and rest because we had an 8:45 dinner reservation.  So we headed out, then it started pouring rain. We went ahead and left but if I had it to do over again we would have stayed.  It rained so much that we didn't even go to our room when we got to the resort, we just hung out in the little play area and then headed back to the park for dinner At Le Cellier in Canada.  We seriously considered cancelling our dinner reservations.  We didn't want to pay the fee and it was our two table service credit dinner so I knew we wouldn't be able to eat two more table service meals to cover it.  So we poncho back up and headed to the park.  The bus driver actually told us we were a little nuts when we all got on the bus.  There was a young couple that asked where we were eating and then said it was totally worth it.  The rain, the kids, the late night was all worth this meal. 
And they were right.  This was Patrick's favorite meal of the whole week.  Barrett was a total nightmare of a kid that night.  He required multiple trips to the restroom for discipline but it was still worth it.   There was a couple at a table next to us that joked with their server that they were celebrating the fact they didn't have any kids due to our kid's behavior.  It was a little annoying.  I didn't know they'd said this until we had left or I might have walked over to their table to tell them that while dinner was less than ideal, they're also missing out on seeing their kid meet Mickey Mouse.
After dinner the wait for Soarin' was something crazy like 5 minutes so we rushed over there and got to ride it.  At first it was Patrick, me and Jeremy.  As soon as we got off we knew we had to force Jessica to ride it.  Patrick wanted to ride it again so I sat with the kids.  I was so glad we went back.  We would have missed the awesome meal and getting to ride Soarin'.  If I ever did an adult only Disney trip I would definitely spend two days at Epcot.  I would love to take my time strolling around the world showcase. And I would definitely use some snack credits.  I didn't use a single one and I'm still disappointed about it.
There were a few rides we didn't get to ride like Test Track and Mission Space that I will definitely do next time.

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