Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Bucket List update

We've been having so much fun this summer, marking things off our Summer Bucket List! 

We are all in for the Summer reading program at the library.  Barrett has been saving most of his tickets every week for a fidget spinner.  He saw that in the case and he knew he had to have one.  The way the program works is you read books and keep a log and for every 100 pages you read you get 1 ticket.  The fidget spinner was 15 tickets.  It took him a few weeks to save his tickets but he got it.  We lost a ticket so we were one ticket short after they checked his log.  Well I knew we weren't leaving without the spinner so we sat down to read the 100 pages right there in the library.  While we were reading a sweet girl came over saying she'd found a ticket and thought it was the one we were looking for.  Now, whether she really found one or she just gave us one of hers i'll never know but that little girl was like an angel to me that day.  So Barrett got his spinner and he was so happy!  I'm pretty sure the remainder of his tickets will be spent on ring pops and I'm totally ok with that.  We are so loving our reading time each night.  Sweet memories we're making!

We got to go see SING! in the park last Friday!  It was so much fun!  We can't wait to go see another movie there! 
The Keeleys were there too and Keegan sat with us most of the night.

I love this picture of AveryAnn looking up at Barrett.  She thinks he is the grandest person on the earth.  I'm also a sucker for matching outfits, but you already knew that!

She was just there for the snacks.

And her Grandaddy hooked her up with some snacks!

This boy had the best time.  It was a while before the movie started so his grandparents took turns taking him down to the creek. 

We also checked the splash pad off our list.  We got to go twice in one weekend!  This was for Drake's birthday party.  That's a lot of matching brothers.  Barrett matched the Keeleys.

Barrett and Drake, I love these two boys so much.  Drake is my little buddy! 

We also Met Jessica & Jackson one afternoon!  It was AveryAnn's first trip and she was excited.

Well she was actually more excited about my pink drink from Starbucks.  (I miss sonic so much!  I loved getting a drink for a dollar and heading to the splash pad in the summer.)

I can't even handle that belly.  She would walk out and get tickled and come running back to us.  She was so cute.

That's all we've done so far!  We've got a couple things on the calendar for July that we're really looking forward to and we're excited for all the spontaneous fun too!

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