Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Bucket List

I've been feeling really guilty about making Barrett go to daycare three days a week this summer.  He easily could have gone with me to the office but I knew it'd be better for both of us if he we tried to stay with his routine.  I still want to do some fun things with him but I knew if I didn't write them down, it'd be August and we wouldn't have done anything we were hoping to do.  Thus, the Summer Bucket List was born.
  • Splash Pad-  I want to go to the one at the zoo and the one in Gardendale.
  • Movies-  One outside (there are several playing in a park close to us), one at the Alabama Theater and we want to see Cars 3.
  • Summer Reading Program at the library.
  • Lake Weekend- We don't usually spend the night when its a holiday weekend because there just isn't room anymore for everyone and we live the closest so it makes the most since for us to go back and forth.  I love waking up at the lake so I'm hoping we can get up there one weekend when it's just us.
  • Beach Weekend-  We've already got a weekend planned to go stay with our friends and we can't wait.  I don't want to wish the time away but we're counting the days until we've got our feet in the sand.
  • Sno Shack-  Who doesn't love a shaved ice for a fun summer treat.
  • Urban Air trampoline park-  We're hoping to get the boys together and do this one day.  We've never been but have heard great things.
  • Barons Game- We had the best time the last time and can't wait to go again.
  • Zoo Day!  We want to put our membership to good use! 

I feel like we've got a good mix of big things and smaller things.  We're so excited and ready to take on the summer!

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