Monday, January 26, 2009

Ally Bama Horton

Not long after we got married I new I wanted a puppy. I actually had talked about it before we got married!! I new that I wanted a little poodle. My family had a teacup poodle growing up and he was the best dog we ever had. We all loved him so much. Patrick works nights so I wanted one that would sit a watch tv with me but also have some personality! That is exactly what we got. We already had two big dogs but Patrick wouldn't let me let them in the house. He has never had an inside dog so he didn't really know what to expect. I think he was pleasantly surprised. He loves her more than he would ever admit. She goes everywhere that we are allowed to take her. She goes to work with me everyday. She goes to our parents houses, she goes to our friends houses. She is like our child only we can leave her at home when we need to. She is just enough responsibility for us right now. We would like to wait 2 or 3 years before we have children so Ally is our baby for now!

This is Gracie my 6 year old black lab. We've been through a lot together. I hit her with my car when she was only 5 months old she had to have very expensive surgery. She survived almost a whole year at Alabama with me. Then she moved back home to live with my mom and dad until I finished school. She is very hyper and will get our of any pin you put her in but she is so sweet and so good with kids. I have so many pictures of my neice Ava laying all over her. This is Sam. He is Patricks 105 pound yellow lab. He is the biggest baby. In this picture I actually am in the kitchen and he has is nose and mouth pressed up against the glass door. He is a great dog. He does exactly what you tell him when you tell him. He and Gracie have become best of friends.
These are all of out babies.

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