Monday, July 19, 2010

Arriving at Destination

Our flight was scheduled to depart Birmingham at 4:16.  We arrived at the airport around 2 because we were both nervous about everything.  Well we got our boarding passes and our luggage checked and headed to the security check.  I gave the lady my boarding pass and ID and she looked a bit confused.  Well my boarding pass said Maggie and my id has my legal name which is Margaret.  Yikes!  She then called her supervisor over and he asked if I had any thing that had my nick name on it.  Well luckily I had a credit card with Maggie on it only it still had my maiden name.  So I had three different cards with different names.  I was sweating I was so nervous.  They let me go since I had the card with my nickname and maiden name and my id has my maiden name as my middle name.  So crisis averted!!!  We got through security and it was like 2:15 so we had two hours to kill.  We sat in the bar and had a couple drinks.

At about 3:40 we headed to our gate and learned it would probably be 5:30 before we departed.  I hadn't flown in about ten years and Patrick had never flown commercially.  I was already nervous because I hadn't flown in so long and I recently (in the last couple years or so) have started getting motion sickness again.  So I was afraid the flight was going to make me sick.  Then I was afraid to take something because the flight was so short.  So it was finally time to get on the plane.  It was the smallest plane I'd ever been on.  I think you could touch both sides from the aisle.  There were only three seats on each row. (I'm sure this is not the smallest plane ever but I don't think I want to fly on anything smaller!)

His first flight!  Probably should have used the flash!
We were then delayed on the runway do to a small rain storm on the runway.  So about 5:45 we were finally cleared for take off.  We took off and blew all over the place.  When we started to turn to go north a kid behind us told his dad he thought we were upside down.  I laughed because I thought the same thing!  Patrick did fine he loved the flight.  I thought it was awful!  It was very rough.  I had to just close my eyes and try to sleep.  We got to see the city flying in and it was beautiful.  We landed and got our luggage.  We couldn't find our shuttle so I called the hotel and the shuttle wasn't scheduled.  (We were under the impression that the person that made room reservations scheduled the shuttle for us...they didn't.) So we had to take a cab.  The driver had no idea where we were going...neither did we!  He had to call the hotel to get directions!  It's kind of funny now...not so much at the time! 
The room is really nice and the hotel is fairly new (which is why the cab driver couldn't find it!)  We are trying to just enjoy ourselves but we can't help but wonder what will go wrong next!  Ha!  We went to the breakfast here at the hotel this morning and it was so good.  I had biscuits and gravy (and was very excited about it!). 
We sure do miss this baby!  She is being well taken care of by Aunt Elizabeth.
Thanks Liz for taking good care of her and adding to your daily commute by taking her to daycare.  She and I really appreciate it!

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Becca's Dirt said...

Hope you guys are having a good time. I want to hear about the doggie daycare when you return. It sounds interesting.