Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farewell to the Windy City

Our last night in the city was one of my favorites.  We just walked around all the parks, we don't have parks like those in our parts of the world.  We visited the "bean" and Buckingham Fountain.  They are both such beautiful places.  We had drinks at the Park Plaza Grill and enjoyed taking in the sights around us.  We ate dinner at Miller's Pub I had some of the best barbecue chicken. 

Patrick and I at the Bean.  This was my favorite place to people watch.

Looking up inside the bean.  It almost made me sick to look up at it.
Under the bean
The view from the bar at Park Plaza Grill
 I promise we are not obsessed with ourselves we were just excited to have someone to take our picture so we took advantage of it!
Buckingham Fountain.  It's on the opening credits of the sitcom Married with Children and in Blues Brothers. It is one of the largest fountains in the world.

Neat fountain thing. These kids were having a ball playing in the water.

We were so sad to leave Friday.  Our flight home was much smoother.  O'Hare is huge.  We had to ask how to get to our gate.  It's like a little city in there.  It only took 5 minutes to get through security in Birmingham it took about an hour at O'Hare.  We almost started crying when we walked out of the airport in Birmingham.  It was so hat you could barely breath.  The temp on the car said 104.  If that doesn't say welcome home I don't know what does!  We went straight to get Ally and I don't who was more excited me or her!  She didn't love staying with Elizabeth or going to daycare without me!

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