Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarter of a Century

Yep that's right...today I turned 25 years old.  At 5:09am to be exact!  Some days I feel like I'm a hundred and some days it's like I'm 16 again!  I'm loving these years.  I can remember when I was younger thinking that 25 was so old.  Now I'm rethinking that! Ha!  I always thought I'd have a least one kid by the time I turned 25... um not so much!  Ally is all the kid I need for now!  Even when Patrick turned 25 I can remember thinking he was getting old.  (That was the year I turned 21 so I guess I figured I was in the prime of my life!)  I've already been celebrating all over the place!  Friday the guys on the trip with us got me a birthday card.  It was so sweet of them!  Sunday, my mom cooked lunch and had Mississippi Mud for my birthday it was super yummy!  Then for dinner Patrick's mom cooked enough for an army and we had cake.  I was so excited to get to share our pictures from Chicago and visit with everyone!
Blowing out my candles at Mom and Dad's!  Can you tell that Ally is excited we are home!

I am so excited about my new shoe storage and shelves in my closet!  I got some birthday money from our parents and I'd had my eye on something like this for a while and it was on sale this week!  I know I'm pretty boring!  But I love how clean and organized my closet is. 

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