Sunday, April 7, 2013

14 weeks

I couldn't think of a better title, forgive me.  We've had a great week. The weather started pretty crappy and turned beautiful just in time for the weekend.  Barrett is 14 weeks old this week.  It doesn't seem as old to me if you say 14 weeks instead of 3 and a half months.  :'(  He's growing so fast.  He started the week with a bang and started rolling tummy to back on Monday.  He did it several times in a row and I was able to record it but he hasn't been real interested in doing it since then. 

I love this picture.  We were relaxing on the deck one afternoon. He looks so cute in his sunglasses from the Easter bunny!
We got to go to dinner with some of our good (childless by choice) friends.  I was so nervous that he was going to be fussy and reinforce that they'd made the right decision to not have kids, but he was so good.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and he was mesmorized by all tht TVs.  He barely made a peep.  At one point Tony looked over and said, "He hasn't made a peep, I kinda forgot he was even here!".  He's been sleeping so good.  Now that I've typed that you'll be up every hour tonight.  He's been sleeping mostly 10 straight hours, there have been a couple nights he's woken up but he usually goes right back down.
Ally gets so jealous when Patrick gets in the floor and plays with him.  She doesn't mind to much when I'm down there but she hates Barrett getting Patrick's attention.  She always brings toys to them for someone to throw. 
We've been so busy at work but he's doing great.  He just hangs out.  We started letting him cry it out for nap time and he's doing great.  The first time he cried about 20 minutes but it's getting less and less each time.  Sometimes he doesn't cry at all, most of the time he'll cry anywhere from 5-10 minutes and then be out.  I'm so thankful I can just put him in his crib and let him sleep!
It's been a great week, we're looking forward to another week of great weather.

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