Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photo Dump

We are in the thick of "sign season" at work.  So here are a few pictures until I have time to write a real post.
Sweet boy was still tired before work one morning.
We are really working on having him put himself to sleep instead of being rocked. II  (which I still so sometimes, I can't help it.  If we've learned anything this week, it's rock you baby to sleep if you want.  You're not guaranteed tomorrow)  I think it's paying off.  He fell asleep on the table at work.
So far, he's doing pretty well.  As long as I put him down before he's overtired he usually only cries for a few minutes.
This is his set up at the office.  Not to bad if you ask me.  He's got an ipad to watch Mickey Mouse.  I also take my boppy pillow to prop him up some.  Ally doesn't really stay in it with him.
Sunday, my mom hosted Bunko at her house and she wanted me to hang around so the ladies could see the baby.  Barrett was so good but he couldn't stay awake another minute.
Yesterday Barrett had some company at the office.  Keegan came for lunch and wanted to watch Mickey.  Barrett was so excited to have a buddy in the pack n play.  He just laughed and smiled at Keegan.  It was pretty sweet!  Keegan is getting a baby brother in August and we can't wait.  I have a feeling these boys and going to have a blast growing up together!

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