Monday, April 22, 2013

Toomer's Trees

Let me start this post with, I am a Bama fan through and through.  I love the Crimson Tide.  I hope that Barrett follows in my footsteps and walks across that stage at Coleman Coliseum.  As a Bama fan I was not proud of the chump that poisioned the trees no matter how dumb I think the rolling tradition is.  My husband is a die hard Auburn fan.  He wanted to take Barrett to see the "final rolling" of the Toomer's oaks.  I'll be honest, it wasn't my first choice of things to do but I agreed to go to the land of the orange and blue. (Have I mentioned how much I truly dislike the color orange?)  I was excited to spend the day as a family even if it was in Auburn.
(I apologize in advance for the iphone photos, I didn't carry my big camera)

I even made Barrett this cute little shirt with a tiger on it for the occassion.
We used the big boy stroller and he loved it.
We didn't go to the spring game and I'm glad we didn't.  We went straight to the corner and the trees before it got too crowded.
It was a beautiful day to be outside.

This is a terrible picture of me but our little family as close as we could get to the corner after the game.
The Horton boys.
Patrick and Barrett outside the stadium.
It was a fun day.  Barrett traveled so well.  He slept almost all the way down there and most of the way home.  I love seeing how happy Patrick was to share something that he loves with his son even if he doesn't get to go to Auburn as much as he'd like.  It was fun spending the day with my boys.  It's getting easier to get out and about with Barrett.  He's becoming more predictable and so easy going.  I see more family days in our future.

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emariemax said...

You are a better Mom and Wife than most. I hope you know that.