Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photo Catch-up

It was brought to my attention this week that I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks and even though my parents live 10 minutes away from us they need pictures of the grandson on the blog  ;)  .  We've had an unexpected busy couple of weeks at work, that combined with Patrick's shift change leaves me exhausted and crawling into bed around 8:30 every night.  I don't really think that's normal but it is what it is.  So here is our last couple of weeks in pictures from the iphone.
At Barrett's 9 month check up, Dr. Farr gave us the okay to start table food.  I'm pretty sure a chocolate chip cookie was not what he had in mind.  We can thank Grampy Steven for that.

This is what Patrick comes home to most nights.  Ally curled up, with her head on his pillow and body all cozy under the covers.

This little booger was supposed to be taking a nap the other day and when I looked on the monitor he was sitting up.  He'd never sat himself up before.  He only did it in his crib for a while but now he does it all the time.

We've had some beautiful weather around here lately.  We sit out on the deck in the afternoons and Barrett loves it.  He hasn't had much interaction with our big dogs, (which makes me incredibly sad because Gracie was so good with my niece Ava, I know she'd love him.)  Ally did not like them being so close to the baby.  She growled and barked at them.  Barrett just laughed!

So cute!

Another day on the deck.

He will wave (to himself mostly) but not on command.

We've started sharing our lunch with him and he thinks he is big stuff.  It's pretty cute.  This day Chloe was there and she has two little brothers so she knows all about babies dropping food.

I bought this hat before I even knew if Barrett was a boy or girl.  (It has the cutest little detachable bow if we ever have a girl).  I put it on him and almost died from the cuteness!

He hasn't been crazy about table food, he mostly just holds it in his hands.  We had Chinese one night and gave him a piece of the sweet and sour chicken without the red sauce and he gobbled it up. (Although now that I look at this picture I think was of the doughnut he had for breakfast. We eat really healthy around here.)

I was in the kitchen one afternoon and I didn't hear him, when I went to check on him he had not only found his toy box but dumped everything out of it.

He was so proud.

Then he pulled the blinds away from the window. I guess he needed to see outside.

The next day he found Ally's toy box.

He didn't nap at all one day.  So here he is at 6:30pm.  I love those sweet lips.

Friday we wore our pumpkin outfit and it is adorable.  (And I still love love love that dresser, I love the fact that it was my great grandmother's even more)

This is what one load of garbage looks like from a busy week of sign making.  It is probably the least "green" process ever.  This was maybe half of the garbage one the floor of my office.

I think that covers the last two weeks.  Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting this week.  We've got a trip to the pumpkin patch planned for this week and it's Patrick's last week on 2nd shift this rotation. WooHoo!  

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