Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Review

The weather turned way cool at the end of the week and weekend so Barrett got to wear is cute elephant hat to work Friday.  I thought he looked so cute.  

Last week was Patrick's last week on 2nd shift and we were very excited.  We can't wait to have him home in the evenings.  I told Barrett to smile so we could send Daddy a picture and he did.

Saturday I left Barrett at home and headed to Tuscaloosa with my parents for the Alabama Tennessee game.  I was so nervous to leave him.  I knew he was in great hands and we needed the time away from each other but it was the longest we'd been apart.
In other news, I was having a really good hair day.  I think it was the time I let my hair rest between blowing dry and curling mixed with the 0% humidity.

Stephanie and Lauren stopped by on their way to the game.  I enjoyed catching up with them.

Sweet baby brother.

Sister, sister.

Celebratory cigar after rolling over Tennessee.
Funny story, before we left for the game I asked if I was going to need a jacket, everyone said yes so I grabbed my sweater wrap. Then my cousin Mark asked me why I was taking my "snuggie" to the game.  Ha.

Back at the apartment with the brother again.

This little booger wanted to drag all the toys out again after I put them away.

It was a fun weekend.  Not nearly long enough though.  I'm not ready to go back to work yet.  We have a fun week ahead with Barrett's first Halloween!  

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