Monday, October 7, 2013

Leaving a Crimson Legacy

This past Saturday was homecoming at the Capstone.  In 2003, I went to my first homecoming game as a student in the prime of my life.  Ten years later I took my son to his first Alabama game.  So much fun sharing this with him.  It was about 95 degrees and the sun was bright.  We had a bunch of extra tickets since it was such an early game so Barrett got to go.  We only stayed for 4 touchdowns because I'm not kidding it was in the top 5 hottest games ever.  He did so good.  He acted like he was going to go to sleep but he never did.  He looked around and watched everything around us.  
Hanging out at Uncle John's before the game.
Before we left the apartment.
Barrett and Granddaddy.
Sweet boy watching the game. 
Right before we headed back to the apartment. Barrett was to busy watching the replay of the touchdown on the jumbotron.
Having a cheese curl after the game.
Bentley was snuggled up with my camera.  Maybe he wanted him picture made.
Hanging out after the game.  

We walked down to look at the sorority lawn decorations.  I keep thinking it hasn't been that long since I was in school.  Then I walk around campus and see how much things have changed.  Its crazy.  They've built 3 or 4 new sorority houses and are adding on to some.  Those new houses are huge and beautiful!  
It was a fun day with my little guy.   Looking forward to taking him to lots of football games in the future!

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