Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Ornaments

I've said it a million times, I love ornaments!  I love getting them out each year and remembering when and where we got each one.  They each hold such special meaning.  I was so happy to get out all the "First Christmas" ornaments we received last year and put them on the tree!  I'm such a sap and love everything sentimental so these are some of my favorite gifts each year.
Ally's ornament this year.

From my parents.  I'll add Barrett's picture when I have some printed.

This one to Patrick and me from my parents.  I love the "new parents" one to remind us of our first year as parents.

My mom made this one for Barrett's first Christmas.  She makes everyone one so I'm so excited to have Barrett's on our tree.

We started this Mickey Mouse series for Barrett last year.  

We attempted a diy ornament.  It's supposed to be his hand print.  It's less than perfect but I love it.

This one was from my aunt and I love it.  

This one was from my cousin.  It was made in Alabama and I just think it's the cutest!

We also a few for our Alabama/Auburn tree in the basement.
These hats were from my parents.  I love the houndstooth and the Saban hats!

I love this one all the way from Alaska!  Amy is so thoughtful and sent us this red moose for the Alabama tree.  I think of her every time I see it!

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