Sunday, January 19, 2014

Play Date

Saturday, Barrett and I went to a fun little play date with Cruz and Jackson and their mommies.  Jackson was born 3 days before Barrett and Cruz is about a month older.  (We had a play date with Cruz when they were just 9 weeks and 5 weeks old)
The boys had a great time playing together and the moms enjoyed getting to catch up.  It's so nice to talk to other moms in this same season of life.  
Aren't they so handsome.  

After the play date we came home so Barrett could take a nap before heading to his first night away from us.  We went to a party for John and Hope and Barrett stayed with my parents.  They said he did great and we did good too.  We missed him but it was nice to sleep till 8!
I've got another post coming with pictures from the wedding shower.  It was so much fun.

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