Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a great (week and) weekend!  Trying to get back to a somewhat normal schedule after the holidays always takes me awhile but we are slowly but surely getting there!
Barrett is such a good eater.  This night he was eating beef stew.  I love this face.

We finally put some shoes on the kid.

Pasta and meatballs. Side note, my little brother is absolutely disgusted when watching a child eat.  I think this is hilarious, so when Barrett is really messy I will record him and send it to John.  This was one of those nights.

I put Barrett in "Big Boy" clothes and he threw a fit.  I'm pretty sure that he was just tired but it still made me laugh.

My niece Harper is so stylish.  I loved this outfit she put together complete with the vintage hat and "coffee".

I gave Barrett a bath and dried his hair with the hair drier.  This was the result and I love it!
Our weekend consisted of some gym time, dinner at the Horton's, church and a baby shower.  Barrett got to spend time with his cousins and I think he enjoyed it! 

I'm going to reintroduce Wednesday Weigh-In this week and I'm excited/nervous about it.  I've got a way to go but I had such good results last time I did this (4 years ago, how?).  I wanted to bring it back!

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