Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

We got an unexpected snow day today! Yay!  Well "Yay" now that we're home!  The winter weather was supposed to be further south.  We got up and went to work like usual.  Around 10:00 it started snowing heavily.  It was sticking to everything and pretty soon the roads were white.  I was trying to finish a little project but the boss insisted that all two wheel drive vehicles needed to head home.  My 10-15 minute commute took me 1 and a half hours.  Thankfully Barrett slept nearly the entire time. I thought that was bad until I got home and realized that people are stranded all over Birmingham.  I was so nervous driving on the slick roads but so thankful to be home with my boys.  When we got home we bundled up and went out to play for a bit.
The driveway at work before we left.

The highway on the way home.
The road to our house.

My baby and me.

We put him in his cozy coupe car and he loved it.  Patrick pushed him up and down the road and he laughed and squealed.  So sweet!
Daddy missed the snow day last year so we were so happy work was canceled for tonight.

Watching Daddy and Ally in the front yard!

Love these boys!

Another one of me and Barrett.
For fun...here we are last year.
My boy has grown!

We are so thankful that it wasn't any worse for us.  My heart goes out to everyone stranded out there.  There are mamas and daddies that can't get to their babies at school or daycare and I can't imagine that feeling.  This is definitely one snow day we won't soon forget.
And finally sweet Ally loves the snow.  

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