Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I've been participating in the August Photo Challenge with the Alabama Women Bloggers on Instagram this month.  (I tried last month but fell off the wagon some where around the 10th I believe.)  Today's topic is friendship.  I knew I wasn't going to see my friends today so I went searching for a photo to post.  It caused me to stop and really think about friendships.  I decided to make this a post after I realized how long my post on instagram was and how much I really wanted to say more.  So here I am rambling on...

This is the picture I posted.  It was taken back in April when everyone came for the storms.  These girls are my best friends.  They are always the first to know anything.  Good or bad, happy or sad they usually get a group text so they can laugh at me or just be there.  We all new each other before college but that is where our friendship really grew.  We can go weeks without seeing each other and it doesn't matter.  These are the people that I can be 100% myself with.  They don't care if my house or my hair is dirty.  We have laughed together and cried together and laughed until we cried together.  It's just a really special bond.
I'm also lucky enough to share special friendships with several other women.  Most of these were acquaintances from my past but motherhood has strengthened our bond.  It's so nice to be able to text someone and say, I'm having a bad day and they are there to lift you up.  They let you know you aren't alone.  I love that these women are real, they don't try to sugarcoat life.  Life is hard, its beautiful but it's hard and it's so comforting to know that you aren't the only one that just wants to use the rest room alone every now and then.  I've just felt so blessed by these friends over the past year or so and I hope that each of them know how special they are to me.

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Logan Cantrell said...

I can't believe it's already time for school again! Sigh. Do you have an email I can reach you to inquire about a Blogger of the Month opportunity for Alabama Women Bloggers?

BOM Coordinator for ALWB