Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Review

We had a slow, lazy week and a rather productive weekend.  Barrett was sick all week.  We went to the office on Tuesday but I could tell he still didn't feel well.
He started running a fever Tuesday too.
So Wednesday we were headed to the doctors office.  It was just a virus of some sort but he felt pretty crummy all week.

Thursday was more of the same.  He wanted to be held all week long.  Which I did, all week long.  He was finally fever free on Friday so we went to work.  I needed to get some things done.  We were so sad that he had to miss the first week of Mother's Day Out.
Saturday John and Hope came to my parents house to visit.  Barrett and I went to see them.  He still wasn't 100%.  He wouldn't let anyone hold him and he wouldn't eat a zebra cake.  Champ (my sister's dog) was staying with my parents while they were on vacation.  He had a little accident Saturday morning.  He busted through the dining room window chasing a cat and he cut his leg pretty good so they had to take him to vet. He came home while we were there.  It was pitiful.  
Hanging out in Uncle John's truck after lunch.
Before                           After
I marked one thing off my August goal list.  I got the pantry cleaned out and organized and now we have a place to keep our bags.  Also I should probably buy some groceries.  After I finished the pantry, I cleaned out the laundry room and a cabinet.  I felt so productive!

Sunday I went to Mass and then to Kristen's Grammy's house to layout and swim.  It was so nice.  I was glad we were able to hang out and catch up.  
Today was Barrett's first day of school.  I've got a whole post was rough.

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