Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Homecoming at the Capstone

Saturday was Homecoming in Tuscaloosa.  It was really late this year.  I really wanted to go and take Barrett.  Patrick was supposed to go with us but he ended up having to work.  We left Gardendale around 9:00am and traffic was at a stand still in Fultondale.  Luckily my mom noticed it before we got on the the on ramp.  After our little detour we made it just in time to walk to the end of my cousin's street to watch the parade.
Barrett was a little scared at first but he eventually warmed up and started waving at all the pretty sorority pledges. 
He did not like when the big trucks blew their horns.  I loved getting to do this with him.   

He did great all day.  It was very surreal to see Barrett and Matthew playing.  Matthew came to his first Alabama game when I was in school.  He was just a little older than Barrett.  Now he's as tall as I am.  The kids were so sweet to let Barrett play with them. 

Before long it was time to head to the stadium.  We had to get our picture in front of the sign.
Barrett didn't get take a nap and he started to get fussy during the game.  Luckily the sweet lady behind us shared her popcorn with him and he was happy.

Ava sat with us too.  It wasn't that long ago that I took her to her first Bama game.

He was very interested in the dancers.  He liked the football too.  He cheered and clapped.  
I just loved getting to take him to the game.  I took him to homecoming last year and I'm hoping we can make it a tradition.  I was so proud I didn't cry at all.  I did get a little teary eyed while we were watching the parade and again when we first got to the stadium.  I just love being a mom and I love getting to share things that I love with my son.  He may or may not like football or Alabama and that's okay but until he decides I'm going to enjoy days like this.  I hope I never take for granted how blessed we are to get to do these things with our baby.  

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