Saturday, November 1, 2014

Horton House Halloween 2014

Halloween is moving up in my list of favorite holidays.
 Barrett put on his ghost shirt and we headed to the office.
After work I had to run to the store to get some last minute things for our get together.
I had to dig past the CHRISTMAS candy and Christmas tree cakes to find some Halloween candy.
Then I stopped by my favorite local place and got some mums.  I was so proud of myself because I talked the guy down on a big pot because it was damaged on the back.  Then I walked off and left it.  

This year we added the hayride so we could all ride and hit more houses together.  We were kind nervous how it would work.  It was perfect.  We may have to upgrade to a bigger trailer next year.

This picture just makes my heart nearly explode.

This is exactly how I visioned these years.  Making fun memories with friends.

It was so cold.  I, for one, loved it because we got to bundle up.  We piled all the blankets on the hayride and headed out.  Patrick was so excited!

This was right before we headed out.

The best we could get of Prince Charming and Cinderella. 

Sweet pirate Jackson snuck in!

Cinderella decided she'd rather have the ninja turtle.

She was so excited with the "glass slipper".  It was a near perfect fit!
We died when Jackson and Barrett got my phone and looked like they're trying to take selfies.
Joseph is a children's minister and he some how convinced all the kiddos to pick up the toys and then lay down and watch a movie.  (Barrett bailed pretty quickly)  These four laid there for a lot longer than we thought they would.

We had such a fun night.  I'm just really loving this stage of life.  I know i've said it a million times but my goal in life has always been to have a family and enjoy life together. Now that I'm getting to do it, it's even better than I'd imagined.  I think it'll get more fun as the kids get older and we add more to the group. 
Happy Halloween!

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