Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We've had a fun week.  
Last Tuesday my friend Brittany invited me to attend a dinner and live auction to support Just Keep Smiling.  It was so much fun.  We didn't win anything but I loved the auction.  It was very exciting.  They also played "Minute to Win It" type games and our table was called to send up a person.  I volunteered to go and I had to stack ding-dong snack cakes on my forehead.  I didn't win but it was still fun.
I thought this was a pretty picture of Brittany and me before we went in.
We finally got Barrett a new carseat for Patrick's truck.  He was very excited about his box.  Patrick cut a door and a window in it. They played in it all night.

Saturday I headed to Tuscaloosa.  For an unexpectedly big game.  It was a cold one and we won! So that always makes for a fun day!
This is a terrible picture of me but Jennifer and I had so much fun together. I didn't take any pictures because I dropped my phone and shattered the screen.  Luckily it still works but Patrick's got to replace the screen.  After the game we went to the Houndstooth.  It was fun.  Every time I go there I feel older and older.  
Sunday, Barrett and I braved the yucky weather to go to church.  After church we went to John and Hope's house so Patrick could help John run all the wires for the TV through the wall.  Barrett was trying to do whatever the boys did.  It was cute.  We enjoyed getting to visit with them.  
Now it's about 30 degrees and we're just trying to stay warm.  I'm not usually a Christmas music before Thanksgiving kind of person but this weather has me in the spirit.  Maybe I'll put the trees up this week... Maybe not.

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