Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 5

Day 29:  We went to the park to play with a friend.  Barrett was so sad when he left that he ran to the fence to wave bye.  It was pretty adorable.

Day 30:  We had book club.  I got this beauty to celebrate the January birthdays.  It was delicious and heavy. Like it was heavy to carry around the store.  Publix bakery did not disappoint.

Day 31:  After bath time we watched The Land Before Time.  I did not remember it being so sad.  

Day 32:  Barrett has started going under the end table to get in the corner behind my big chair.  He just plays back there with his cars.  Its his own little clubhouse.
Day 33:  My little dare devil.  He's started climbing like crazy.  Even his teachers commented on it.

Day 34:  Photography by Barrett.

Day 35:  This poor girl needs a haircut.  I hate getting it cut when its cold because I always wait to long and they have to shave her.  I'm a terrible dog mom.

Week 5 has come to a close.  We are one week closer to a little vacation and I can't wait.  

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