Friday, February 13, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 6

Here's week 6 of 2015!

Day 36:  Patrick started working on the play area in the back yard.  Sometimes when I give him a project he gets a little carried away.  I've started calling this "Six Flags over Morris".  Hopefully it'll be completed by Spring.
Day 37:  My parents kept Barrett and we got to go on a date.  We went to see American Sniper.  It was so good.  After the movie we went to The Cheesecake Factory for appetizers and dessert.  It was delicious.
Day 38:  We had family night out and went to dinner at Chili's.  The boys had so much fun playing on this game thing they have on the tables.  Barrett looks so old.  I don't like it.
Day 39:  We had nachos for dinner with "ballpark" cheese.  Its so gross and so good.
Day 40: I forgot to take a picture so I shared Barrett's valentines for his class.  I found cute little popup books in the dollar section at Target.  I was so excited.  They turned out so cute.
Day 41:  We introduced Barrett to the wonderful world of Toy Story.  My favorite part of the day is snuggling with him before bed.
Day 42:  Barrett's teacher sent me this picture of him eating a cupcake a the Valentine party.  She said he had two.  I'm not surprised.
We've had a kind of crummy week around here.  I'm so thankful for this little ray of sunshine in the storms of life.  He brings us so much joy.

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