Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Horton House Daily: Week 14

Day 92:  Ally got her much needed Summer haircut.  She always looks so tiny after she gets groomed.e4
Day 93:  Mom, Porter and Harper were making pagach.  They were fighting over who got to roll each one.
Day 94:  We had a fun day!  We started with the church Easter Egg hunt and had a blast with our friends.  Then we headed to Grandmother's house for lunch.  We all had a blast riding John's go cart.

Day 95:  My sweet little family after Easter Mass.

Day 96:  Going through all the goodies we got in our baskets at our parents houses. 
Day 97:  We went to watch Elise play ragball.  It was the cutest.  Barrett actually took this picture.
Day 98:  Patrick took the night off and we went to the park.  It had been a while since he'd gotten to see Barrett play at the park and he's just gotten so brave.  Then Barrett threw up in the truck on the way home.  I was afraid he'd gotten then terrible bug that's going around but I think he just got too hot.  He's been fine since we got home.

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